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i'm a girl who has a lot of free time for the internet during the summer.

i change my mind a lot.

umm...i love comics
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a year?
who cares if it's been a year?
this is one of the best chapter i've ever read in my life.

hail nozmo!
poor jing is being treated as a slave.
how sad....
oh well love the page

jing looks so different with his hair up.
aww. that's cute.

that's cold. no wonder he ....did that.

love this page.
your character pages are brilliant.

i love the new page, lol at the last panel.

1 question- xin is yang in the souffle challenge?
for some reason I keep thinking yang is way too mature (serious) to be xin.
that really is awkward looking.
yaoi dreams could form from that last panel.
it's good though.
yay good for her.

but why only once a year?