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IG Bruiser
oh man
how come the news only talks about josh and kibble
so being as it is that i am the only cast member who in real life finds this holiday without a significant other i would like to wish a happy "singles awareness day" to all of our fans
wow heath posted a comment, and i thought he dropped of the face of the internet
congrats on the 50th issue JERMAINE...
stay away from my girl heath
wow jpatch wow
i like how my imagination is made up of stick figures
heh heh pygmies...
hurry up and update kid im going through ig withdrawl
finally a new season...
so yeah...
this is the first time i im reading this seeing as i left "state college university" about a week earlier than the rest of the party members so yeah seson one... good and yes i really did use jpatch to level my fire skill faster
red aura
actually heath you have kind of a purplish aura when you get mad