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Red Shinigami
whazzup? my name is Kat.
i'm an okay drawer, haven't loaded any comics yet. And probably not for a long time. I'm more of a writer. If your intested in yaoi (BL) i've written one on deviantart with L and Light from Death Note under the name Demonic-Angel72. I've also got an account at fanfiction under the name Red Shinigami. So check me out next time you're around the neighborhood. :)
I'm mostly into reading yaoi (weakness), comedy, romance (other weakness)and action. But i'm not very picky. I love gore. I'm into the hard-core yaoi so if you know any really uhhh....uncensored yaoi point me that direction please. I'll give you a hug.
Thanks for reading about me :)
it's an awesomee pagee; be quiett XD
awwwzz....a nice pedo though!!!! XD
*squees in joy* XDD awesomee page!!
butt!! :D
Red Shinigami
February 28th, 2011
YAYYYY you're backk <3 <3 <3
omggg thank youuuuuu <3

omgg it's wonderful to see youu <3 i love this comic, and i was cleanin up my favs the other day and i got all sadd because this one was one that i had really liked BUT YOU CAME BACKKK <3 <3 <3
pleaseeeee comee backkkkk D: i'm like....a second away from cryingggggg (not really) pleaseee continuee this comicc!!! i'll do anythingg for you to continueeeee!! D:
pleeeeasseeeee comeee back!!!! its been soo longg and i miss your comics!!!! DX
i dont really read these kind of stories, i'm a yaoi fangirl, but i seriously think this is one of the most beautiful comics i've ever seen, and the idea is so very cute :)
completly gonna fav :P
XDD dude i love you already
follow the happy trail dake!
YAY!!! feel the love clover!!

woo first comment!
wow....thats not creepy...*drooling sarcasm*
poor psy! he was only trying to help!!
wow, i died a little inside when he said shopping. but his face is fucking hilarious :D
omg thats sounds dirty!!! yay!!

i just relized that i have meowths hair cut. *_*
dang he hairy
OMG you have a scrubs icon!! lol

uhhh, you put 'ford' instead of 'word'.....
*headdesk* OMG KEITH!!!

freakin love keith, such a dork :)