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I'm an otaku, a fujoshi, an artist, a writer, a cook, an M (very little S in me, though it does happen every now and then,) bisexual, a mythology buff, lover of Good Omens and Harry Potter in particular, a Harvest Moon fanatic (I've loved harvest moon since the SNES version,) and a doting aunt (who will try her hardest, due to a particular sibling's threats, to NOT corrupt her nephew with the brilliance of anime, conventions, and the internet.)
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I think these two are now on my list of favorite couples... banter away, my friends, banter away...
*cuddles* He hasn't lost everything... he has a lap to lie on when he is depressed and inebriated...
It was great! ^^ I loved this story, and look forward to seeing them in other stories, too ^^
I'm not exactly sure who I want to give a hug to... also, that last panel has a nice, deep feel to it. It must be the eyes. I love eyes, and the way you draw them. The shadows under his eyes are lovely.
I didn't do it, and even I'm feeling guilty...
Playing with photoshop really is fun ^^ Your coloring really is fantastic
August 14th, 2011
Update!!! Yes!!! Made my day ^^
Your color work is simply fantastic ^^
I think I'm about to burst a blood vessel along with him... also, alcohol and anger really shouldn't be mixed. It IS a depressant after all...
Two pages in a row where I squee... If I were on my bed, I'd be rolling around right now... oh dear...
Yeah, I have that eye color too, though I have brown hair. Well, actually, my eyes seem to change color depending upon how much light is in the room and what I'm wearing... but usually they are that color ^^ well, I can't say she's ugly because I have a thing for female redheads... I think she is pretty ^^
Suffering from Stockholm syndrome because of her dragon kidnapper, and complaining about it to a horse... when I try to explain this to my sister, it just doesn't seem to make sense... but it DOES make sense...
That last panel is amazing... the look of surprise is perfect, and the light blush is truly endearing.
Is it bad that I let out a squee when I read this page??? Brother is dead, he's out looking for revenge, and the person who did it is secretly his only friend... but his face was sooo sweet... a very adorable blush...
I love this comic! ^^ I check frequently for updates and look forward to each and every page! ^^ Thank you so much, this really makes my day
If their plan works, I will be dumbfounded and amused ^^ I think it is a brilliantly horrible plan
Well, it's his job... sure he feels remorse, but he still had to do his job, no matter how bad... and he did say he only kills bad people, or so he thinks... I guess?
I kind of like how stubborn he is being ^^ I think it is cute... perhaps that is just me ^^'
I don't like how he calls his other form an "it." Probably her influence. You shouldn't marry someone who doesn't accept such a large part of you. There are always things people dislike in their relationships, but this is a much bigger problem.... I'm just saying ^^'
I like that landlord ^^