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Well crap I'm mobile
@ramvling Yeah how do I edit/delete comments on here? I meant to say a bit like it, not a lot
I'm now realizing that your art style looks a lot like songdog's
Yes I need new comics! I've read all the good ones already
Magic glowing eyes are always awesome
November 16th, 2019
F for mad scientist demon
Lol. Nice drawing.
Tamill don't have a heart do they
@Blitzblotch probably lol
There are pages that were here before that are not here now hmmmm
@Bluedramon thank you kind stranger
(why am i following this comic on both webtoons and here?)
Goddamnit smackjeeves!
That hand thing looks dope btw
It's really very sad... But I understand. I get it. I get that every day. I can't wait to read the new comic though. Hopefully it'll be as good as this masterpiece
Yay it's back! I missed you!
Exactly what I said on smackjeeves
US!paps to the rescue