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Computer generated passwords: what assock just said
@Annie: finally some good frickin' armour
Pavel be like "psst, hey kid, want some cuteness?"
That. Is a big f. Wow.
Having an existential crisis, are we?
Is his name pronounced too-bee rather than toe-bee? That's neat
@mykerthegeek: but they grow, and if they get big enough, they can destroy you
@Blue: I wouldn't be surprised if RGB is the devil himself.
Cherry trees really are beautiful aren't they
I don't understand why this is here now. You're updating now, so it doesn't make sense. Just saying
Good atheist
Nice art work!
To description: sounds like pmd but wolves. Neat. Gonna fave and see where this goes
Well done! Certainly not the best I've seen, but pretty high up there imo! You are a great artist and I love seeing your artwork put to good use!
Is the water a reference to prince warriors?
"it was a dark and stormy night..."
I'm early! Wow!
The title corresponds with my current situation. I can't see the page
September 14th, 2019
That's the first time one of my suggestions on anything was actually used! Soo happy! 😃
I can just tell the next few pages are gonna be cute and funny af, cause these two are gonna meet