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Espeon Person
I am Espeon Person. I have made 1 comic so far and it is called Pokemon : Eeveelutions.
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You are trapped under homework.
I meant the play.
You'll never guess who rated it 5 stars.
Yay! 8 fans and 18 readers! So many people are reading this nonsense.
Synna does not hate Frost(mostly).
(continues coughing and walks away)
That face tho...
slightly cross-eyed
#Frost's Greatest Secret
This is a boring, less interesting comic. Do not worry, though, because they will be better soon.
They know no other dance moves.
He will never know.
(falls over)
@DatEeveeBoi: That is the point.
@SilverLunarwing: I finally made my own comic, but how do I change the background of its website page?
Welp. I am going to go hug cat.
This is Sakura Leafeon's first comic post.