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Espeon Person
I am Espeon Person. I haven't created an online comic but I think I might sometime in the future.
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The garbage disposal..? :,)
Well there is one less door in the world now
Hey Pinkeevee...
Seriously, when are you rebooting? I saw in the comments of SSEC that someone has to pay you, but why can't you just do it? :,) please.
Hrmmmm. Grumpy Absol.
Will he be properly named or is he just gonna be Eveui :P
@SilverLunarwing: Okay thanks :)

I looked and the website I use to work on comics doesn't have it (T_T)

Again, thanks anyway!
When did Nick get a feather behind his ear?
Just wondering...
What is the name of the font in the comic?
@A Azumanga Fan: owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo!!!!!!!!
@Meh: (again) did you notice Dusk is sweating too?
@Flower the shiny sylveon: In that case... I'm second (^•^)
Oh wait I think it'd Dusk (°▪°)

Why does Vaporeon do these things to poor mostly (I said MOSTLY) innocent eevees and their evolutions?
Also @Pinkeevee222:
Who was hit with the giant mallet "accidentally"?
She is nervous that Dusk will do to her what he does to anyone that wakes him up before 12:00
Go to your account page and find an image that fits the thing