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madi goes inactive
hi! im madi, and im not necessarily a fan of pokemon mystery dungeon.. okay i might be but i love all of the comics sksk--
i havent played the games at all (dont kill me please-) but im trying to put my own spin on it! i have a comic based off the series, and many things will differ from the canon material due to my lack of knowledge.

but uh.. it would be cool if you checked out my stuff. you dont have to like it or anything- just trying to make your stay here last just a little longer.
I love this cotton candy hair unicorn !!! Also, I did this in MS Paint rather than FireAlpaca for the fun of it.
Penny's bio: More than an extrovert. Selfless to literally everyone and sees good in all people, even the worst of the worst. She is never sad- But in the down times she does have, she acts really depressed. Twins with Chi.

Chi's bio: A very strange 'mon, as she always has the same expression on her face usually. Though, she does have another side.. to help others and be a good support for anyone. She helps people get out of their depressive states or mental break downs and even get soulmates together when no one is looking. Keeps mental notes on peoples behaviors and social interactions, and can easily pick out bad relationships from the good, natural ones. Twins with Penny.

And that is the last of the bios, next Wednesday will hopefully be the start of chapter one. And, as a side note, almost all Wednesday uploads are scheduled as I actually don't have the time to do them doing weekdays due to school and such. Have a nice day!
madi goes inactive
September 18th, 2019
Very quiet, very introverted. Has gone too far down the friendless path and has got stuck in between her paranoia and needs. Only knows how to interact from watching others for the most of her life. Has gone hopeless after being told she wasn't able to evolve.
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September 18th, 2019
The more brainy of the bunch, having a lot of common sense by his side and actually caring of the fact they're stuck on an island. Though, he lacks any confidence in himself or others and just lets life take him like a river, expecting a raging waterfall near the end.
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September 18th, 2019
The tough guy. Not necessarily a bad boy, but can hurt you if necessary. Jerkish at first, he can be sensible if not in a bad mood. Taking advantage of his strong strength and voice in the crowd, he can take territory over something or someone and no one will touch it. You can tell if he likes someone if he starts being overprotective of them around others. Will tease/put down others.
Orchid is very shy around everyone, and keeps many secrets. Once one to gets to know her, shes quite the softie and can get emotional.
madi goes inactive
September 18th, 2019
Sal is the most normal of the bunch, being a respectful and friendly figure to most. But in reality, he's an introvert hiding as an extrovert, only getting out of his comfort zone for his mental health and is actually a huge coward. He has hard times opening up to people, but when he does, his demonstration is near flawless.
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September 18th, 2019
Charz is a nice and inspiring figure, he believes people see him as a role model. Though being quite the egotistic type, he's more weak than strong, but he carries himself through his goals with his determination. When he gives up, he means it.
madi goes inactive
September 18th, 2019
A brave soul, gifted with the pure sense of adventure. Though being sensible, she can ask too many questions if she gets carried away. You better answer them, though, as they stick to her like a bad memory.
And thats the end of Chapter One! I'm kinda tired, so I'm going to rest..
and whats going on here is my best guess
thank you guys so much!! i would get this all finished up nice, but i really need to work on todays upload and that mew comic im doing.
i didnt have enough time to try and draw something, so i just scribbled around for a bit. i still need to set some stuff up, but this is my first time using a drawing tablet- cant wait to use it more tonight when i dont have so much homework :')
i didnt have enough time to try and draw something, so i just scribbled around for a bit. i still need to set some stuff up, but this is my first time using a drawing tablet- cant wait to use it more tonight when i dont have so much homework :')
Bowser hurt his kid?! Oooh Incineroar is gonna go beast mode now.
i like how this birds face is literally getting scorched and they still have the same "im done with this crap" expression
Mon'tel is a new webcomic ill be working on alongside Savior, and I'd like to see if anyone has any questions about it. ill be simply replying to comments as an answer and after the qna closes, ill put the answered questions as an author comment in the posted chapter cover (which will be the 18th, posted along with the character refs and maybe a chapter one cover/page if i write it all in time)

link to comic profile here ->

and if that doesnt work, heres the full description:

(Warning, if you are offended by such, I plan to include LGBTQ+ shippings in this comic. I support the audience, and if you do not, leaving would be the better idea.)

A strangely blue Latias opens up a 5-star hotel that claims to come with great service, food, and activity all with no price on a beautiful island. Nine Pokemon get their own rooms to stay, only to find out they can't leave due to transportation issues, as they were told. Forced to make a living on the island, high jinks ensue.


Lightly inspired from Tomodachi Life, Total Drama Island, and some aspects of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Updates on Wednesday's, missed updates will be posted on Sunday's or Monday's.

Aimed to start on the 18th of September.
also, the shot glass is fine and we just have it. no one in my home drinks alcohol or anything.
putting away dishes and a shot glass decides to fall out while a glass bowl is under it..


spoilers, glass pieces are everywhere. luckily my mom went to clean it up.. thanks mom
"so who the heck is cyndi?" youre asking-
well, a character for my new comic called Mon'tel! i think you can find the comic on my profile, but im not sure if y'all can see it.
if youre unable to find it, 9 pokemon are trapped on an island with a 5-star resort on it! there will be a lot of shipping in it
!! >:3c

but also, i ordered a drawing tablet! its my first, and im just excited to use it!! but it comes tomorrow.. i cant wait :,,,)
i used a mouse here, and ive been using one for awhile now, but i found out about the correction setting hehe. how does it look? its kinda a backup for if my tablet artwork looks crappy.