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Maybe i will come back to this site at some point in time...
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I see the speech bubbles that you had are back. Please look at that tutorial i told you about. It does anyone a world of good. I was not trying to bash you in my last comment. I was merely trying to help you.
Ok, the plot has not been the best so far, there is little driving him to be a trainer, all we know is that he is a trainer and had not expressed much happiness from this. Try adding some backstory, and soon. Also the whole "want to be my rival" is not the best plot point. To become a rival a major even has to happen, not a casual battle. Make a major event involving the "rival" for the next few pages. There is also the fact that the speech bubbles are not the best. I learned how to make a bubble from this site. and learned many other things The sizing of the sprites have been alittle off in the whole comic, i think it looked best in page 7 on the last panel. Other than that, the maps that you have made are fantastic. Ive tried to make maps before, its a daunting task, but you have made some great towns so far. It really is a comic that will help you become alot better at the art of spriting, because it is a good little project you have going. Just remember to save all pages in PNG format and you have yourself one nice looking page. Keep on making these!
Made my night!
Ok, its good but i think the comic is moving very quickly. The end of this page could have been the end of page 5. Just as long as you keep an eye on that you'll be good.
January 17th, 2009
in panel 6, it looks like you dont know about the magic of draw opaque. It helps ALOT
cool. It seems like the comic will look and script wise, turn out quite nicely. I'll keep an eye on this...
you truly have shown a knack for this style of sprites. You have a nice visual flare in your comic. My notes for you are definitely not on the visuals, you probably have surpassed me in that area, my notes are more on the script. It's nice and all, but you are introducing too many characters too quickly and forcing them into action. Try giving each new character about a page, considering you don't use many panels in your pages, to help express the ideas that you have for them. Flesh out the personality's in each character, then combined in the visual art, you are bound to have a work of art. At the moment it is a plot that is not really too strong, and to add on to that, everyone is in an unexplained battle. This can all be redeemed if you explain why all this has happened in the next few pages though. So in conclusion, superb MS paint skills, but you need a little script work. This is really good and i hope to see your face around more often.
January 14th, 2009
lol. It would have been better if you would have included going to a cafe in an earlier page, if you just plan out a few pages in advance, this comic will have a great script!
I am really enjoying the script thus far. That is the best part of your comic. If you just fix the visuals and pick more flexible sprites for Dialga, , the comic will more than likely have quite a few fans...
January 14th, 2009
I would be able to take this series much more seriously if you had REAL backgrounds and better speech bubbles. Go to for the speech bubbles, and for backgrounds. Other than that, so far, the plot seems pretty good, you just lack the shine on the comic... if you get that, your comic will be MUCH better looking and you will get more fans. I am glad to see that all you need help with is the visuals, not the script. Kudos to you! Hope to see more of your work in the future!
It's a rather raunchy play called "Dog sees God: Confessions of a teenage blockhead". Its the peanuts gang in high school addicted to sex, alcohol, and drugs. It is funny and sad. It is an un authorized parody though, so CB is charlie brown, CB's sister is sally. Pig pin is now Matt, Schroder is Beethoven, Peppermint patty is tricia, marcy is marcy, linus is van, and lucy is van's sister.
I was actually just reading a play that was an unauthorized parody of the peanuts gang and i thought of this comic strip...
what a crazy place...