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Oh and mane said he called HIMSELF chill so is real name is vi but he goes by chill
YESS a victini episode
I surprised he put my comment into consideration ( a while ago I said it would be better for slvlon to go with speedy and I can’t believe he is acutely doing it) AWESOME
Oh no she knows what’s up
No no no it happens in every story it get awful and I don’t want it to happen
Yup it’s awful it happens in every story it gets tiring
What’s your ship
Yes a Silvia and speedy moment plz let it happen
It wasn’t flare in control it was sunshine that y he wasn’t attacking everyone and could control it because it was shine shine kind of a pko thing from ok ok let’s be heroes
I’ve missed so much. I just got back 😔
For sliva to be with speedy
I finally got a reply from the creator he said no gantre
She means her fear of hights
What’s his yt channel
Can I give you guys nice names instead of putting your full name
Can I give you guys nicknames instead of type out your full name