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Andrew The Hedgehog
I like spriting, Earthbound, and video games.
Fav. Game: Earthbound
Fav. Vid. Game Char: Ness

I like sprite comics.
if you played earthbound that is Dalaam a floating kingdom in the clouds. I love EarthBound. alot so yeah this comic is FAIL and WIN so that means its FIN so yeah.......... go suck a dick you cheese monsters! blar! I want cameo pleaz

He has PSI like Ness and Lucas. So yeah pleaz. cameo i want.
lol all the top ones remind me of gutsman. Nice.
not really funny nor nice to look at. I also love how random on the panel he comes. Use some sfx please. Just some constuctive critique.
No offense but their could be a little back story as to why he wants to kill them. Seems like another stupid sonic comic if you ask me where they venture to fight evil. also the sprites are disproportionate to sonic and the banner is really pixelated.
Can you post sprites that you made instead of stealing others? I don't give a fuck about the credit and shit. But we have TSR and TMZ and Sprite Database for a reason child.
Well that would have been kinda gay lol. You could have had mewtwo attack the frontiers so that way it would make more sense lol. I'm planning on ripping more Pokemon emerald backgrounds and make a comic about pokemon emerald. Starring Well yeah May, Brendan, and Wally.
P.S. what would you have done with May, Brendan, and Wally if I didn't rip the Battle Frontier Interiors?
aww hope he gets his rattata back
Time for another 10 month hiatus
This shouldve had officer jenny
Use these sprites please

they shall help u.
Love it but there is a problem. Make comic panels and learn to resize correctly or else it will be all ugly lookin'.
Did Snix just die or something? He hasn't done anything much lately.
Meh Ness shoulda killed him.
LUCAS! NOOO! I love Lucas how dare you!
Lucas stood to fight with his friends even when scared never once did he run away. I love Lucas in Brawl. but I hate what Brawl did to him.
I hope Green pwns Red since the female characters don't get that much glory.
To me Brawl ruined Lucas's rep. Even in Mother 3 Lucas isn't that much of a pussy at all. Brawl over exaggerated his personality.
Whats that red stuff around Manic? Sonic Underground rocks btw. Except the songs. Well the intro was epic.