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Thanx for stopping by in my little slice 'o the net. :3 As for me, I kindda slink around here and there and usually never come back to many things. ^^; The only places I have roots is DeviantArt and SmackJeeves.
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YAYS! An update! :3 I can't wait to see how all of those pokemon look.
Ooooo. I sense a flashback. XD
Awww. *hug* Tis okay. :3 I love Toji in the last panel. X3
YAY! Yer back!!! *glomp* I love Paris in the last panel. :D
I'm not...responded too... *cries* lol not really. I think this page is great and I love the fact that she has a bow. :D
So the giant fishy doesn't notice the girl slapped on it's face? 0.o I live the Hysuan-boy. He's really cool and cute at the same time. :D
Heh. It ate her. Now she'll have to blow out it's guts to get out. :3
I love how he looks in the first panel. So cute!!!
I just realized how plain the goddesses dress is. It's really refreshing to see a not-so-concerned-with-frilly-dresses-goddess. :D
Wow. I love the last three panels. I'll have to remember that panel effect when drawing my own comic.
Le gasped!! She killed her? WHY?!?!?! *is totally confused* (lol, not really just spazzing)
I love this story line. :3 I think it's really funny how she has no idea what she's doing. I can't wait for another update!!!
Whoa. A whole year? Wow... I love how Francis and Paris look in the last panel. They look so into it in a weird way...
oh man, now what? They're still gonna kill him. ...*shivers*
Awwww. I can see romance. :3 ^^ Can't wait to see more of Zebra-boy! XD
Question: How do you pronounce Luther's last name?

I love the panel where Camilo is playing his violin. :3
...Well, what can I say. This comic is halarious. ^^ But seriously, I almost can't believe I'm reading this... (not usually one for zombies and guts spilling....) :'D Zom-Ben is a rather cool character. I love it when the completly normal-like person gets the powers. :3
Awwwwwww. This is so cutly drawn, I love it, and I love yer characters too! THough I am kindda confuzed on why they can turn into humans and then back to animals....
Aww, poor Jing. *hugs him* However, I don't think that his story is gonna get him sympathy... ^^; Hey, Nozmo, I have some Alternate fanart for yous... Where should I send it?