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About dear LINA EL here...
* is the creator of Earth Guardians~ ;D

♡ cat lover~ (^・ω・^=)~
♡ gaming, cosplay, figurines~ *^▽^*
♡ Sailormoon & Tales Of series fan especially Tales of Destiny~♡

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Happy Birthday, Lightmoon!
Happy Birthday to my OC @ Lightmoon & also to the ones that share same birthday as him ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 🎊🎉

Best medicine ever for me is to ship my own #OTP OCs ✨💖👌 Forever young since 2006 XD

#HappyBirthdayLightmoon #LightmoonCrest #LiaFilrion #LightmoonxLia #HalloweenTheme #inktober #Day18 #Day19 #inktobermalaysia #October25
February 17th, 2019
Oh damn!
February 17th, 2019
Awww poor Artemis
February 17th, 2019
OH lol! they felt threaten!! XD
Finally, the official appearance of Riqa. Simple color test on her outfit as well (and aprons).
October 13th, 2018
The cats are so cute~!!!
Direct hit!
Finally a continuation after 5 years hiatus...
Oh dear Leo... *sweatdrops*
@angiechild: I knew it!! XD You can enjoy polishing your eyes on Leo in apron version first~ 8D b
@angiechild: Because of... Leo? 8D
@angiechild: What about the apron? ◕ v ◕
What the LOLZ, Light? ◕ _ ◕
@krystlekmy: Yay yay~♥ 8D

It's the truth~ I don't think that I could continue with these 2 pages if not for your motivational comment~ The comment really did snap me out! >w<
@Mikey: I'm glad too! I missed drawing the manga very much~!

I owe my huge thanks to one of my awesome buddies~ Her motivational comment snapped out from whatever that prevented me to continue it~ >v<
@angiechild: I'm glad too~!

I owe my huge thanks to @krystlekmy: for snapped me out with her motivational comment... ; v ;
Supposed to get this page done yesterday and submit it right away but something came up unexpectedly...

Messy hair Light... Enjoy! XD
@krystlekmy: At least yours are consistent~ XD mine is like... about 2 years gap!! @A@!!
@krystlekmy: Feels good to be back... ; v ; All thanks to you~ >v< *glomps*
Goodness!! I couldn't believe it has been 2 years I didn't draw EG... Lots amount of time has wasted... ; . ;

Anyway... I'm back now, all thanks to one of the fans! >v< Your comment somehow inspired me to force myself to snap out of it & continue it now or it will be forever stuck at the same page~! :/ I will try my best to draw more in future! ;D

Coincidencely it also Light's birthday this month~ X3