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I like to read, write, draw, listen to music, play video games, wtach tv, get on the computer, talk with friends, go out with friends.

My favoite manga series:: Chibi Vampire
My favorite book series:: The Dak-Hunter
My favorite color:: Purple
My favorite band:: My Chemical Romance

None at the moment 'cause my stupid friend (though I love her)deleted everything even her account in a fit of rage. Tsk tsk, I know.

Fav Comics::
A Song For Elise
Love Patch
Puppy Love
Sharkteeth (Actually everything by Fast Puck. xD)
Acid Monday
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Ah! He's drawing him playing the guitar! So cute <3
Comment Virginity~!
Ah I love Richard's face in his last panel. He looks so funny.
Love the comic!
Dammit xD
I'm pissed off. How dare they inturrupt a beautiful sexy moment! xD
oh my god...
You can have OCD and cut yourself just as easily as you can have OCD and pluck out your eyebrows. It's the same obession just different things. When you have OCD the pain you may 'cause yourself isn't a problem when you're freaking out about not doing it. In fact most people don't mind the pain of cutting themselves at all or enjoy it.

I have also never heard of OCD cutting yourself but at the same time I don't doubt it. OCD can occur in many ways, even cutting your arms and thighs. It's a brean illness that can be with anything, even cutting yourself.

Sorry, this conversation had been going on since the last page and I was just like. "Mmm, this is not important the author obviously has her reasons." I love the story and I couldn't careless if her plot is "Overly exaggerating" ( I don't think it is) But if you do get over it it's obviously dragging in readers and if you aren't enjoying it then stop.

Keep up the good work! I love your style! <3
Umm, and I the only one that notices a pissed of Persian?
I think not!



Hells yeah, right?
Am I the only one that thinks the new character looks like a short Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts?
I love this comic so much.:33
Normally I'm not one to leave comments 'cause like I have dial-up buuuut Monday just looked so sad!
I wants to cry for him!D: D:
I've never wanted to cry for a sad expression before. But poor Monday!
Stupid Clover.
Aww, poor guy! D:
I'll make it all better.:3
Oh well Beat and Acid are so adorable together.
<3 <3 <3
God I love your comic.
It's the best grim art like ever.
Reminds me of Invander Zim but darker.
I love scorch in the second the last panel. <3 And third... Well all of it. xD
Yes he ddoes he's in denial! That's what that is! He doesn't wnat to believe it! =D
Aha, poor Ken. :3
It is over.*tear*
Man this is like on of my favs out of all my fav comics.
Right up there with Puppy Love and stuff. xD
You better make another comic soon.
This was such a good one.
Isn't smoking bad for your gills. xD
Aha couldn't resist.
Yay comment virginity! xD
Ah I wuffles this comic. <3
I love it!
I just read the whole thing.