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My life is basically manga. I like shoujo-ai manga, but I LOVE BL, yaoi, whatever you wish to call it.. whether it's lightly suggested, or there are full-blown sex scenes, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. :] I wish I could draw, but I suck. I'm taking drawing classes and drawing as much as I can so that my comics will be worthy. So for now, I am just here to enjoy and learn. :D [And read BL of course.]

I also write BL. I'm currently working on a story about a surfer and a nerd/emo. So go check it out on my deviantart. :]
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I absolutely love this, but i can't shake the feeling that it's all going downhill for clover from here. -_-' [btw: clover's face in the last panel is sex, pardon the pun]
Oh my! So much angst! Poor Monday and/or Clover. Mostly Monday.
August 24th, 2008
I checked my favorites and it was like MAMMALIA UPDATED BISH! And I was like OMG! This page is amazing and it updated on meh birthdaysss! ^3^ I <3 U.
MEGAN. You. Shall. DIE!
AHAHA! I absolutely LOVE the last panel :D
GOD. I would totally rip your head off for this.. but I can't until I know how it ends.. plus its just plain hot. -_-'
I love Cho and his extreme girlyness ^3^
This comic makes me so darn HAPPEH! I'm smiling so much it hurts and I feel strangely high O_o -twitch-
ANYWAYS-- this is so faved :D
June 7th, 2008
This Comic Is Great! :3 I Shall Wait!! *Fav*
Awww! Poor HaNeul! -Huggles-
A Whole Week ;_; But It Will Be Worth The Wait! :]