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Gogeta Jr.
None of your business.
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Whoa whoa whoa...
You have sprites of Kratos? Where'd you find those?
I was thinkin' those were custom, but I guess not. I guess you could use his sprites from that 8-bit Mega Man fighting game, and just sacrifice his skin color.
Well, hey...
So would I... I think...
I never knew Mario looked up to Bardock...
It's looks more like he's goin' for Amy's foot... For some strange reason...
Gogeta Jr.
October 19th, 2009
@ Darkman1990
Is it Chaos Control?
Also, this can't end well for Mega Man, and... is that X's foot on the edge of the last panel? ... Oh boy...
This is where it all ends.
This is where the 3 greatest heroes are put to the test!
THIS is where DHK shows us his true skills!
DHK, I look forward to this final battle!
Well, Pacman...
They're actually in their Super forms, in which they are invincible, can fly, shoot bolts and/or explosion-esque bursts of chaos energy, move at light-speed, teleport, and, if the conditions are right, control the flow of time itself. Basically, It's "so great" because now, Sonic & Shadow can now totally dominate this battle.
It's not rocket science, dude.
The first part was a little unexpected, but other than that, hilariously obvious. This comic truly is near perfection.
When you add in Sonic's reaction time to X's movement speed going directly towards Sonic and Megaman... this cannot end well...
... Well... It's official...
This is the most epic comic EVER!!!
I knew Pac-Man would be in this comic eventually! And Geno and Snake, too... man, how much more EPIC could this comic get!?
wait.. THAT'S IT!
@ Arc:
That gave me an astonishing idea! PACMAN AS CO-COMMENTATOR!!! Eh, eh?

Oh, and also: Sonic & Shadow will frickin' RULE! Buuut, I betcha none of the teams will win: DHK will! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!
Any vacancies?
*read the title*
I hear ya on that one.
Akward, but funny at the same time...
... I like it!
To Son Goku 24-7
Chaos Spear is a technique commonly used by Shadow in several Sonic games, making its debut along with Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast. It is a bolt of focused Chaos Energy that, when making contact, can do serious damage.
In Shadow's own game, Shadow The Hedgehog, Super Shadow can charge up energy to use Chaos Spear, or, somehow, fire small, bullet-like shots at Devil Doom, who is the final form of Black Doom, whose DNA sample was used to create Shadow.

In other words, Chaos Spear is one of Shadow's signature techniques.
I knew it!
I knew Shad would use Chaos Spear!
This comic is great, by the way.
However, why don't you throw in a few more of Shadow's super moves, like Chaos Blast?