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too much to say... I like manga/anime, music - particularlly rock/metal, and if you wanna know more ask me.
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Quinton is sooooooo mysterious~! xD
btw this comic awesomesauce. j/s :3
Seriously, this is my favorite comic of all I'm reading on this site. It is truely unique! :3 that said, I love this comic and I hope you continue. I know myself how frustrating comics can be, especially when you feel you get nothing in return. :/ Also, if you did look into publishing this, I would buy it. :D
just noticed that Brock isn't in the comic... will he later?
is it Raichu?! <3 the comic as always.
age rant tiem now? 8D

xD I love this comic so much, it always manages to make me smile.

also, who is in your new avi? >w< teh cuteness is overwhelming! ~<3
1. The Count of Monte Cristo yAlexander Dumas
2. I second the deviantart link :)
3. What made you want to make this comic? :D
As a former evil stepsister, I am glad to see their return xDD
(my school did Into the Woods last year and I was Lucinda- the sister whose heel is cut off.)
Ijust found this comic a couple days ago, and I loe it so far! it's so cute! but it aso has a sense of realsm to it, in my opinion. ^.^

I'm 19 and a college student! uhh, and I am hoping to major in art and minor in japanese! :D
Oh no! What will happen next??

I just found this comic on the recently updated list and read all the pages so far. It's so cute! Keep up the good work!
D8> someone help the poor boy!
Brilliant, Stein. Just brilliant. >.<
>w< so cute! I'm so glad I found this. It's been a pleasure to check everyday for the next page!
Out of curiousity, what gender is the pony? Cause I could totally see it's actions as PMSing... Or Male-PMSing?

Oh and I LOVE the fact that Rich is continuing despite Zach's "protesting".
-waves to Jessi too- "Hi!!" thanks for uploading!-

XD uh-oh... Kea and Zoshi may run into some problems!
Yay!! New page! I love Zoshi in the second panel! He is always so unbelieveably hot! >w<
xD of course Zoshi designed it. It all makes perfect sense now ^W^
Oooh!! Very cool. ^.^

I think Zoshi would kill for this pic. xD
Yes!! Comment virginity stolen!! >8D

xD I love Ichiro, he mayhate him now, but soon enough he'll come around.... fu fu fu~