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Kairin Touzen.
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they look so alike... it's obvious that they're brothers.. ^_^ nice art----still!!!
super great art!!
At last! An Update! Thought you were dead! More updates please! Whew love this comic! Belated Merry Christmas hahah^^
You are really good at drawing!
Just tone it more so it'd be better!
I mean it!!
Mike looks like a voodoo doll on the 7th panel... LOL xD nice one!
It's nice though it lacks background... But it's okay^^
Should it really have no much background at this point of the story??
Hi! First Fan,First Comment^^
Nice Work although there are so many panels..
That's right! Get him to eat!!
First Fan, First User Comment! I'd like to follow this adventure... I feel and see that it will turn out good... (^_^)
Holy Wow! No Ice Cream Since Birth? Haha! I really like how this story goes! Wish I could upload my comics soon^^
I've been waiting for this comic to be alive again Hooray! Let's celebrate!^^
Oh, hi Mr. Ki Hiwatari! I'm just going to ask you if you would make another character making contest here at Autumn Love because I want to join^^ Your drawing is really cute!^^
Hahaha! I like that one! Couldn't stop laughing!!! So good! xD
September 12th, 2008
Are you just using dark pencil on making your comics???
Man.. You're like the best! I just can't submit my comics here since its too big (more than 500 KB).. although I want to extend my capacity here by 2 MB, I just don't know how I'll pay here S1 per month and I don't have dollars but peso (Philippines) and I'm only 13 so I have no idea.. Please help me!
Why don't you submit your comics to become an official one? I'm sure they'll like it... But its good for us to have been able to read your comics online. xD
yeah of course.. anyone would be willing to help the needy... :3
Also please replace the "This uniform" with "That uniform" since they're not close to each other though..
I think it shouldn't be "How You...?!" 'cause it makes no sense.. Try to fix that: "How did you?!" so it tells something... I'm just helping though my grammar may be worser since I'm not an english expert though...