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@LazuliBest: Yeahhhhhhh my favourite is VERY secret...
To be fair this was the day she started liking him
I didn't even know there was a new page, I sick XD
It’s not canon though SXL!
New page! I'm very happy OwO
I thought it was the weekend, but we still should wait and be patient.
Oh gosh PKM-150... I’m sorry you had to deal with this at the time. Unfortunately people aren’t as understanding as they should be and I really hope you’ve had time to rest. If you have to quit, quit. But me and my friend are always so happy when you update the comics and we know you work hard. Don’t try to over-work or stress yourself. And just simply saying “Just know there are people who do actually care and are excited for new things you do” isn’t really enough... for me at least. So.. You’re very talented, you make people so happy when there is new content and stuff out. I actually like drawing a lot, and 1 illustration can take 2 hours or so, and I can’t imagine myself trying to balance all this stuff. My dad was an artist and it took him awhile too. I’m actually so glad you shared your comics with everyone, even if you knew you could get hate.. because they actually changed me as a person somehow. Maybe it’s inspiration, I’m not sure.. I know how many times I’ve told you “If you need a break, you can just take a break” but.. I really do mean it, you updating a lot actually made me so happy. And I’m sorry for writing such a long... comment. We love ya PKM-150.
T^T someone help meh
Oh, if he doesn’t thennnnn
Raisins, sorry XD Also Yeah she is annoying...
I was waiting for this, also... what time is it for you PKM? Because you should sleep if it's late...
Look a few pages back, he has-
I love how Lazuli started liking Speed for his heart and stuff, give me a chance :<! Because she didn’t like him at first and then she realized he was a really good person.
A lot more, he’s done 2 updates in a day like twice this week...