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It is an embankment commonly used to hold back the sea
*Bakes Violet a metric ton of chocolate chocolate chip cookies.*
It's in the seventh panel, hunting our intrepid heroine down to feast on her sweet meats.
@AidanTheNzulocker: Actually Zubat's are purple. Don't believe me? Check it out:émon_by_color
Wait? Our space case hero is a PARENTAL FIGURE?
At least unlike Ash Syn's not leveling each gym as he beats them.
Pewter: Unleashed enough electricity to set off sprinklers
Cerelian: Blew up the pool.
Vermillion: Blew out all the windows
Celadon: Set it on fire
Fusisha: Set off several dozen Voltorb
Saffron: Bombed it
Cinnibar: Caused it to erupt.
Viridian: Massive damage due to reckless battling.
Chaparone so nobody gets groppey during the night
@evilnidhogg: because that would be like leaving a calling card that says: "Hey. I am an idiot. Come and arrest me." Height, weight, health, age, even gender can be discovered by a professional
Wait....recycled health potions? Does that mean they recycled the bottles or the actual potion? Either way sounds less then 'healthy'.
I call this.....
Steve. Also this guy should be beaten with his own Magikarp, keeping the poor thing in a washing machine, that cruel.

Also FIRST!!
@Tepig16: That's what I said. But I wonder something. What happens when a pokemon stops being blue or a water type? Do they get boxed?
We've seen the, and I'm using this term in the broad sense of it, guy only with Magenmite. Does that mean they only use genderless pokemon?
Well, Gyarados is a water type and it's blue. Despite Magikarp being classified as a red pokemon. And it's the only pokemon he's going to catch for a while. At least till Oddish. And that is because Zubat is apparently NOT BLUE.
I wouldn't say expanded. More like blown.
I hate the water temple. Even with a guide, a walk through, and a step by step set of instructions I STILL GET FRICKEN LOST!!!
I mean who DIDN'T see this coming. I mean Blueberry is his only pokemon, so of course he's going to be OP. I mean when I get to Pewter I usually have a Nido (Male) and a Butterfree (I don't care for Beedrill in Red and Blue.)
Should have gone for the Oblivion, then at least you'd look a little less like a level one KH player.
I LOVE THIS COMIC. Not the bad kind of L.O.Ve, the good kind.
On Three



Someone wants to look pretty for her 'boyfriend'.