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I wouldn't say expanded. More like blown.
I hate the water temple. Even with a guide, a walk through, and a step by step set of instructions I STILL GET FRICKEN LOST!!!
I mean who DIDN'T see this coming. I mean Blueberry is his only pokemon, so of course he's going to be OP. I mean when I get to Pewter I usually have a Nido (Male) and a Butterfree (I don't care for Beedrill in Red and Blue.)
Should have gone for the Oblivion, then at least you'd look a little less like a level one KH player.
I LOVE THIS COMIC. Not the bad kind of L.O.Ve, the good kind.
On Three



Someone wants to look pretty for her 'boyfriend'.
Well, if you read the comic's Giovanni had Silver hunted in order to take over his body due to him dying from some incurable affliction. And N's dad.....he's a dick. I'm sorry, but he's a dick no matter how you look at it. You don't have pokemon tortured and then use them to emotionally manipulate your empathic son into nearly destroy the whole region and not be a giant dick.
Gotcha. And the Magnemite in the background? Which is it for it?
I wanna see what happens next. But shouldn't it be Chapter 6, Page 1?
Eh, would been funnier if he was taken a leak. that Kadabra wielding....Scissors?
It's not you getting old it's that old black magic. True love. It makes people do weird things. Look at Troy. (The historical city, not the person.)
Um. Anyone look at his costume and think that he would be better off painting a bulls-eye in the center of this mass then that thing he's wearing. I mean he's just asking for crotch shots.
He's also awesome enough to race without messing up his comb-over.
I've never seen someone actually self destruct like that before. Still one of the best comic's on the web!
I see Blaine, Brock, Sabrina, and Koga but I don't see Erika or Giovanni. Granted he's probably laying in a cave slowly dying or something, but still.
I bet they bring in a Psychic pokemon for interrogation and all Robin's been through leaves such a traumatic imprint that the psychic can only describe it as her being 'raped'. And then a APB goes out for Gary Oak and he gets hunted like a dog for a while.
I thought it was a lunatic with a home chem kit?
Please don't take your comic from the site, when I got on today and saw it was updated it was a bright shining star in an otherwise damp funny smelling day. Let me impart some wisdom my grandfather imparted to me. Haters are like bags of manure, they stink and they're full of shit. I say you're doing fine and it was your comic that brought me out of a rather dark spot in my life with it's light hearted antics and bravery. Keep it up.