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Doh! His hand pose is PERFECT. Duude. It just needs to scoot closer to Gordon.

Great picture, I just have a dirty mind.
*craps pants*

Best idea ever...

Have you noticed the theme of craaazy age difference in your work? Batman/Robin, Batman/Gordon. I like it.

Also, your Gordon is great. I have seen him done in a shitty way (plus, were you as pissed as me that he had like no air time in the Batman Begins movie?) but your Gordon is just right.
You know what would be extra cute in this picture? If Robin had cute little pink shiny knees. Dawww.
I love Harvey. Especially in the Long Halloween/Dark Victory. During those, I thought that there was alot of Harvey/Batman subtext. Batman only thought about Harvey, and thought about how he was the closest thing he had to a friend, and almost told him his secret identity, and then blames himself when Harvey turns evil.

Total emo angst slashy goodness. But they didnt really do that in the movie.
Oh my goodness. This is hot.

What is better then evil. Sexy-evil! In the comic Hush, she seduces Catwoman. That was the best. Sexy-evil-hot-lesbian.

Best combo ever.
I know I always get turned on doing my taxes...
Rachael suuucked. If Batmans gonna be with a lady, it has to be Catwoman. Or Poison Ivy, if she seduced him.

I was a teeny bit bummed about how Two Face became Two Face, but since Harvey Dent is my favorite character EVER I was mostly totally happy that he got so much screen time and that Aaron Eckwhatsit did a pretty damn good job.

I liked the Joker alot. I didnt think he was accurate, but he got the same psyco thing going, and I thought it was a pretty original potrayal.

I liked it alot...
You know how sometimes you like something so much, you get a metaphorical boner? Not a real boner, of course (I think most of us are female) but the feeling is analogous... Like a non-sexual boner.

I knew you've had the feeling. I do too.

So, during these pages, I have a total Bat-Boner. Thats what I shall call it.
Alfred so knew Tim was listening.

"Oh my" my ass.

I love Alfred so much.
I agree the the last Batman movie with CB was OMGLAME. (Except scarecrow was really cute). Rachael sucked, I think Bale made a good Bruce Wayne and a meh Batman (better than Michael Keaton, ug!) and the plot was ridiculous.

But I am excited about the next one. I think Joker will be great, Harvey Dent is my favorite character and I think he is well cast, unfortunatley Rachel is still in the movie.

If Batman must be with a woman it HAS to be Catwoman. She is as hardcore as him.

I wonder if in the 3rd movie, they'll put in Dick Grayson...

Also, Bale was totally good in 3:10 to Yuma (where he and Russel Crow had some serious sexual tension, and in American Psyco).

Sorry for the longest comment ever.