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O hai. And thanks for stopping by. Y'can call me Penguin. There's not much in particular to know about me. I spend most of my time reading, writing, drawing, sleeping and procrastinating, and I try to do as much of that as possible on my computer. :D Because I am anti-social and have no life.


That's it. Really. Now go check out my webcomic. Go on.
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Or he could watch it on the Teachy TV. It's not like that was useful for anything else.

...Orrr break into a random stranger's house to watch their TV like you do in half the games. :D
I will upload a shaded version tomorrow.

Stupid siblings who won't let me on the computer. Stupid family who unplugs my scanner.
We're back!
However, I wouldn't celebrate just yet, since I've been having scanner trouble lately and also will probably not get a chance to update next week. :(

But once I get all that sorted out we're back all summer, and you can expect a reliable at least one page every Tuesday for the rest of the summer!
Boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew...
Poor Batman never got an onion ring with his fries. :'(
It looks like TWCs latest vote buttons. CRAZY.
Whee! Congrats on the much-deserved spotlight!
I love that top panel... such a beautiful sky. ^_^
Awwww...that last panel nearly broke my heart. :'(
Congrats on the spotlight!
Methinks yonder brooch is a bit more important than just a sentimental trinket... hmmmn...
I'm hardly ever angsty, and I'm ALWAYS like that when I get home from school. xD I can understand.
A few changes...
Foremost you'll notice that we don't have a blank blue background any longer. I'm not sure how much I like the new one and might tweak it a bit over the next few days, but it's there. I've also added galleries for filler and artwork, because I've been meaning to do the filler one for a bit now, and the artwork because I realized that most people don't notice all the LoA-related art that I put up on dA now and then.

Hopefully the general business will excuse the general lack of color or grayshading on this page. ^_^

In other news, a new incentive has been added to TWC. What Wilbur and Nicholas would look like as humans. I mean to color it some day. >_>
Apologies for the giant walls of text. D: I am a naughty text-happy Peng.
Captain Ghost: Yay, vote! Thanks. ^_^

johnny_jones: I should've mentioned that the cafe is based on a semi-roleplay a friend of mine has. I needed a restaurant so I stole his. ;P I still don't know where he got the river idea from, but, well. It's certainly unique.

Theo: Don't worry, not giving up. ;) I think I enjoy making it too much for that.

bucky-b: Well, thanks! I'll have to try to make extra time for the color pages more often, everyone -really- seems to like those...
Hey there, welcome to page 15.

Here's to a new semester of school and entering the final half of the first chapter of this little comic, and hopefully a consistent update schedule of some sort.

Yeah, I can do it.


Anyway, simple gray shading...not much else to say, I guess. :/ Check out the little vote button for TWC at the top of the page, though. Making a comic is fun but actually having people READ the comic and LIKE it and even sometimes TELL ME THEY DO or EXPRESS IT WITH A KIND AND MUCH-APPRECIATED VOTE is even better.

Also I do not give subtle hints. Ever.
He is so cute in that last panel that I want to eat him twice.
This comic...
It pleases me.
That's because the shiny blue is awesome.

And I hear you on the coloring - takes way too long, no matter how nice it looks at the end.
Posting pages on time is for weaklings.

Yeah, the Holiday season is rather busy. Does color make up for it?