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I'm a huge nerd, but I try not to show it that much. I enjoy spriting, doodling, and gaming. (so much for trying not to show it much...)
Anything else you wanna know? If so, you're a loony, but click that PM symbol you see over to the side, and ask away.
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March 20th, 2013
Boy, that's a phrase I'm sure none of you are tired of.

I'm not sure how many of you have watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica (or even watch anime in general) but that's what this costume is referencing.

News post. For old times' sake.
Tilt Man's not bad... :(
(Though he is technically a robot master)
Starting this comic: Yay. No need to worry about special effects.
Working on this comics: OH GOD SO MANY WORDS WHY MUST I FIT YOU ALL.

Bon Jovi this time.

News post, cameo, etc. I'll put a deadline on it at the end of September. Doesn't look like it'll happen at this rate, but maybe that's enough time for it. Also especially considering my update "schedule."
I initially planned to have Bass just stuck in the pole. Then I realized* I had the idea of an armored bank car coming into the scene.

*Was reminded by Geniusguy

News post says that after the next comic, potential cameo comic. (So, anywhere between next Monday and...sometime in October...) Get your sprites in if'n ya want.
Dr. Dan knows firsthand what the Beat Shield does, after all.
Never gonna stop using Hisoutensoku effects. Ever.

Two more comics until [potential] cameo comic.
Atlanta's just lucky Artemis isn't the jealous type.
@Sagat the Tiger:
Whoops. Wasn't clear on that, I guess.
I meant I'm going to do what you did, and just have people in the comic as stand-ins for after they play at the concert. I'm not actually <s>stealing</s> using the arena seating background you made.
Quick little heads up, I'm gonna be taking a page out of Sagat's book for an upcoming comic. That is, I plan on implementing an audience. It's likely to only be in 1 panel, and it probably won't even be there if I don't get enough people for it, but putting some of you in the comic is a sort of thank you for putting up with my horrid scheduling plans.
If you wanna take part in this, just PM me a single sprite of yours in a sort of "cheering" pose.
Again, if I don't get enough people for this, I won't be implementing it, so hopefully this isn't a waste of anyone's time.
All of Elegy's effects are gonna be Touhou effects forever.
Except probably not.
Looking back on it, I've used Star Man a lot, and come up with various techniques for him to use within this comic...and Star Man's not even close to being one of my favorite Robot Masters...
I fixed up some of the shading here. Hopefully it's a bit more noticeable now.
Man, I haven't worked on this for a long time, but I think it's finally done. I'm not gonna bother putting in the effects of the PK attacks, despite the entire second row being the poses for them.

I used baryl's female character base for her Violet outfit, and actual sprites from Mother 3 for the food and drinks.

Now I can finally move this sheet off my desktop. C&C still appreciated, though.
Ohai, Mark. And anyone else who still wants to read this not named Mark. For those who were wondering why I left in such a pissy mood, read the newspost if you haven't yet.

Elegy's new weapons (including the fan in the last comic) by Sagat the Tiger for his team of Joes.
Also, have I mentioned that I love Mother 3?
Which version of Paint are you looking for? If you're looking for the XP version, and you have a computer with Windows XP, you can copy the .exe from that computer's System32 folder over to a flash drive and then move it to another computer.
He's weak to Fonzie Man's weapon.
Running poses. Bane of my existence.
I fixed her legs...a little... I feel like they're a bit too thin now. And I'm not sure how it's progressing overall. Could I get some feedback, please?
Back when he first went insane, Orion took it out.
Apparently whoever repaired him was just too lazy to fix that.
@TAP & Zak
Just for clarification, are you two referring to your lefts and rights, or Kumatora's left and right?