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i think i got 4...
ok well the I I are definetly easy eyes...
The in the chest...
The 4 in the forearm section...
and the feet on the ruler... and thats all i got :P
hahah hehe lol hehehuhhhahaha muhahahhaah hahha
first comment :P WOOT!
that one dude is right...there are 2 things that i cant stop laughing at!!!!
1. The catch phrase "Always on top"
2. ELMO is a user??!!! OMG LOL! HAHAHAH!~
...did they find his body?
I like the cat!!! :D
what is the difference..
Whats the difference of catsup and ketchup anyway? I thought it was ketchup...just said a different way...o.o
I thought it was...
Electron-Proton....not positron...or i think i understand where you were going with it :P oh well good one! :D
Dude that's pure GENIUS!
If you dont understand
There is a turtle with no food and his mom is always shopping while his dad provides the money because he's in the army. So he has no food.The 2nd to last panel, a random turtle guy appears and the narrator gets freaked out and starts asking who is that?
If you dont understand
The turtle is in the hotel now and asks for a room but a room costs 80 Seagrass(currency). The turtle is shocked and becomes furious and the clerk tells him not to eat ANYTHING or ANYONE!
So turtle walks away and see's a man and yells for him to give him a waffle. He doesnt have one...So instead...CRUNCH! you guessed it.
If you dont understand
The man from the hotel told him earlier not to eat ANYTHING or ANYONE! so...Turtle guy eats the hotel clerk and falls asleep...standing...-_- lol. The finish line and the rabbit is from the story, The Tortoise and the Hare so...basically, this is the advanced version of how the tortoise beat (eats) the hare.
If you dont
If you really dont understand this one, it's basically little turtle guy at walmart buying slimfast. He drinks it and get so skinny that wind blows him away. But while the wind is hitting him, he huffs in alot of air and bloats back to his regular self.
I meant to say...

"this must be a hard time for you...THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!HEHEHEHE!!HAHAHAHA!
at first when he said BK i thought he meant burger king...o_O sorry retarded
alright...I LIKE THE LINE! :D
I sort of thought something like this in real life...but instead, there's a mirror in front and back of you see its reflection looking at the reflection of the reflection that the reflection is coming from...and getting smaller... :D I LOVE THIS! :D
Thats pretty cool if you ask me. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!
Is the page bottom supposed to cut off their heads? I cant read the bottom.
ohhh.. ok