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I noticed That a lot of people do their art on photoshop:D
frankly i think that's awesome you can do that..cause i can' a complete retard when it comes to i draw my comics on simple paper with a ballpoint pen:D
but i do my best even though im a little retarded and a little insane;D
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August 29th, 2008
told you comics were coming:D
dun dun dun!!!
awesome page:D
sorry, i really half-assed this page..(ow my arm hurts...D:)

comics will come soon
July 27th, 2008
wow your art is really amazing!
and so is this comic
how did that get so big?
ugh!!my shading didn't show up!D:
Walt Diseny eat your heart out:]

haha little ebony and ivory at the bottom<3

thank you
still can't believe you did that on paint
it's awesome:D
(you've got paint skillz)
thank you:D
not that good..
but that's what he looks like:D
their gonna get it!!:D
i like the way the dead guy's eyes look:3
Hey IZU!
did you notice the cameo i threw in there?
check the first panel behind vetany!

All you other peoples should check out izu's comic "Goodnight Sunrise!"
it's awesome:D
wow this comic is awesome:D
i love your drawing style!
this looks awesome:D