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Frustrated McDonald's worker.
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I will take all 12!! Oh so pretty! OwO
I'm a sucker
For a red-head! - cheers for traveler -
Menage a tois!!!!! -giggles- ohwell yays for 12 dancing princesses!
A sense be tingling
Possible Ménage à trois? Or maybe not? Who knows But yay for updatees! and I'd sooo be interested in buying this as a print!
Yay a new page!
Sorry for the job loss, and also,

Did Niya just quote Han Solo?

lol well love the new pages I am SOOO Excited for the next two stories :3
Yay for 12 princesses
I love the 12 dancing princesses, and I'd love to see who plays 'Baba Yaga' x33

Also! I think he's gonna dye his hair blonde to make him less 'Beautiful' xD;

And off topic, buttt I'd someday like to see the Lindrom Prince, it's up your alley I do believe lol
Yays! Update!
This always make my day when I see an update on here :3 <3 keep up the awesomeness!

Also I can totally see Snowy buying a comb JUST so he can have a bit more 'punishment' x3;
Blushing Ichiis so cuteeeeee
Where's Waldo? xD
Well sure as hell isn't in this pic but I sees a Fairy Godmother, Pearl and the Witch, annnd Poor Niya, his face is priceless x3;
Ohmygosh xDD Can you just imagine him going
"I'm eternally grateful'? lol Yea Niya, that's a lovely way to show concern x3;
A crash! A Crash!
I wonder what it could be?

And it's Euric it's from one of the Numerous Wizard of Oz Books. Um, I can't remember which one, but I do remember the people had brains in cans >>'

I would also like to mention this. Wolf does, can and will have puppy-like moments. Like jumping out of his seat to investigate a noise.
I luffs Kid Belle
She was the cutest thing to draw on this page!

And yes Lifetime movie sad I went there >(
So not so bad cute right? ^w^
Kinda Cliche
But oh well and Wolf was what? Any guesses?
I have to say...
Of all the 'Prince' Characters Beast is my favorite. and so is Mr. Wolf x3
Belle has glasses.

Shuuuuuuuuut-ups lol
Paige your face
Better close that mouth girlie or you'll catch flies lol
First page yays!
Hello Red! And Hellllllllo creepy stranger O.o ?
w00t Chapter 3 everyone!
Yes I'm back working hard to get caught up but this contains both Beast and Wolf Because I can for some odd reason picture them being related anyway ONTO ZE STORY!!!! And I hope that the fans I have acquired can forgive me! -grovelgrovel-
Wow I'm back!
Sorry for the long wait life sucks got in the way but I ish here again AND! I hope to get all of chapter 3 scanned soon! :3 Meanwhile enjoy chapter 2's happy ending :3