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I checked 7 minutes early and thought] it would come out tomorrow, my mistake
shiny vaporeon I forgot the name of is some detective
Flare knows how to lie on the spot
detective Flare is on the case
"this is one of those worlds" what the?
cc's gonna have a bad time *speed lo vania intensifies*
@#403: ... then Chatot makes the old minecraft oof sound and explodes and the credits role in saying "directed by Michael Bay"
got me account back
speed can regenerate his hand, no big deal
Lazuli's face in the 7th and 9th panel, she is blushing, so cute, I ship Speedy with Lazuli forever
will Flare show CC their eye?
you can make a heart like <3 OR E>
the timeline is corrupt due to the nuzlock randomizer, but many things start to appear, unnaturally spawned things like what I said above