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Yeah its better not to use an emulator. You would be tempted to use save states.
You could always download an emulator.
just use game genie or something...
Djoing, could you make a comic out of all bomb man appearances till date when you finish MM3?(or atleast when you finish the comic?)
Did alienoid play MM3? Or are you just making it up?
>attempt to scare trashcan in order to raise level
Also, You guys cant kill Dr. wily because you are robots and robots always have to follow the laws of robotics.... unless you are actually cyborgs
@Dave : Do you hate shadowman for giving you -50 cool points?

叙事詩: I will answer that, since there is a no guest questions rule now. Robots can get heart attacks after getting heart man's weapon?
AirCO? not sure if intended or typo.
thanks mad, now we will never know what dj death 58 was supposed to be!!
*keeps arm sideways*
Nankai yattemo!Nankai yattemo!
July 9th, 2012
Does the C in plan C stand for C you later?
Laziest page ever!!! (sort of)
Panel 7:

shutter : should be shudder
May 29th, 2012
Buu = Mewtwo

Calling it now!

...How could you all forget wham?
I still dont see any fearful monkeys! You may have to rename your hat....