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wow, you're starting a new story! i'm super excited :) :)
ooh, the party just got really wild :)
this story looks cool, i'm looking forward to see more :)
oh, yes, please, post it here too! it's easier to check for updates for me here :)

either way, i'll keep reading, even if it had to be on tumbrl. i love your stories too much to stop reading just because of different hosting website :)
fallen star :)
I think you've made good choice with Poseidon's personality. Every place has this kind of person, who is trying to be funny all the time, no matter what (sometimes i'm doing it too :D)

But Zeus made me laugh with his overprotective reaction :)

(btw i think you've put this page in wrong chapter)
Oh I loved the story so much, every time you finish one, i'm sad it's over. I think it's mainly because of characters. For some reason, they seem much more alive to me than most of characters in other comics i've seen. I'm not even sure why. But seriously, i've read every chapter several times and i never got bored. THANK YOU :)
looks like they have some serious family problems there....
I'm beginning to like Athena more and more. She is like a living version of word 'smart'.
I recognize some familiar faces, looks like they have grown up since we last saw them.

Funny, last time i saw Ares i wondered what is he going to be like during puberty and imagined him very similar to this :D
there is no better souvenir than undies. i wonder if he does have a whole collection of stolen undies.

and i like how you did his room, a little bit messy, but still nice. it suits him.
wow, i didn't expect this D:
oh god why is EVERYTHING so pink? D:
wow, that evil eyepatch... :D
oh, you're back! i'm so glad, i've missed this comic soooooo much :)
i really like your version of Hestia. i was never sure how to imagine her, but i love what you did. she looks like she spreads this sweet home-warmth feeling everywhere she goes :)
whatever happens next, it's going to hurt. ouch. D:
December 20th, 2012
this looks promising :)
i have to admit i'm a little bit confused about what is going on so far, but i guess i'll see in several next pages...

but the page is beautiful :)
i love the square guy! :D
wow, i can't believe it's over... but i love the ending :)

i really enjoyed reading this story, thank you very much for posting it here. and i'm definitely going to read the Pallas Athena story too. (btw how long is "really long"?)