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i like soccor,manga,some shoujo-ai,and ramen!lots and lots of ramen.
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Going forward
I wanted to get this out last week but i procrastinated, sorry bout that lol...I’m tryin’ to do better with the schedule so hang tight. I really like the freedom of making this in black and white rather than color( I’d Probably color a page every now and then when something special arises) it because it makes it a lot easier and quicker. I really like how it came out lol...I didn’t intend to do all the shading on this page cause I wanted to get it out sooner but I’m really proud how it turned out so I hope y’all enjoy.
December 28th, 2018
@WithAOne: Aw shoot,thanks I hope to do better than my last comic
December 28th, 2018
Hey Guuuuys!
So it's a been a while( past 10 years to be exact) since the last time i created a comic so I felt the need to go back to posting after being so inspired to write a magical girl comic( one of my biggest influencers being Sleepless Domain) so I hope you guys enjoy my comic and where i take it and Happy holidays!
December 28th, 2018
it's ending, man what a bummer, i remember reading this like 10 years ago and boy does time go by fast. excited to see what you do next
October 30th, 2009
@Mini-bleach: better with a tablet than without, for me =D i shall update my comic when i get a new pen for my tablet and my art styles improved >=D
your welcome:3
i myslef put my comic on hiatus, i cant survive without my tablet:(
Gail so pwns everyone:3
its no prob:D
cool an update,after so long:D
lol XD nice
Hm...O.o whats all this then
aha nice panel 3:D
cool first page:D
very nice an update,it wouldn't matter if you did a revamp of the story:D
lol poking looks fun^^
way to goXD!!
June 16th, 2009
YeshXD an update:D
June 16th, 2009
O.o lots of blood
this should be interesting:D