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I like comic books.

And cheese.

I would really like to start writing a comic book, but I wouldn't know what to make it about. Everything I do, I do by hand with pencils and I don't have my own computer, so no digital media for me.

Mostly I'm a spectator to the brilliance and talent of others.
Oh, poor Skittlez...
Oh my god! Little Tommy in the center panel is so cute. Those huge eyes are absolute love. Poor dear...
I vote for Eternal Gift.
Hee, hee. Hades looks tense even in his sleep. Emo fringe! >.<

But seriously, I love this comic and your art is beautiful.
The old URL only has the first 26 pages up. Where are pages 27-29?
Hmm... well I am definitely the odd man out. I love Zeus in all his badness. He's sleazy sure, but he pulls off that girlish complexion like it's nobodies business (even though it's everyone's.)