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The more that I look at him, the more that I realize that Julien and Liam look similar. He looks like 16 year old Liam with a different hair color.

Can't wait to see their reunion!
I'm so mad at Ed. How could he do that? Unless Liam does the same thing, then I shall remain upset with Ed.

Great story though, I love how they're growing up. And you're right about keeping it realistic. <3
Wow, one wouldn't expect Sebastian to be so adorably cute without everything on. I can see what Scuttle sees now XD.
Good luck with going back to school! I shall await your updates, no matter how long they may take.

Much love from Florida, USA~
Nice chapter cover :]
I'm gonna miss Richard and Henry around the place. Hope they live a happy life together though.

I love your comic, and was wondering if you'd be interested in joining our message board RP forum. It's all South Park yaoi. It'd be an honor if you joined, here's the link:

Thank you for your time!
Wonder what Haru's gonna say.Or if he's gonna pass out before he get's the chance for words to come out, 'cause he looks pretty drunk there X3
cross-dressing male cousin would be awesome!

as for the whole gay bar thing, i honestly don't think that'll be a good idea.
Haru just seems as if he's trying too hard half the time lol. He should just be himself, that's what's supposed to work.
i love ariel's face in the fourth panel.
lady bug. lmao. tommy's awesome.
fondle fondle lol.

as for fanservice. uuuumm, how about another meme? but with ariel this time!
It's not incomplete, it's on your site lol. But hurray for finishing it here <3
Dude, is that really Pikachu doing that to Ash?
him as a chibi is soooo cute!!! <3
Love it <3 I'm happy that Ariel didn't bend ove- I mean bow.
They're both just so adorable XD