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He's so chipper a chap, a dapper chap with a top hat, hat.

Seriously though, don't question the crazy or awesome. Also don't question fonts with serifs.
Lol.. Not funny, at all. I like that after not posting in a long time, my newest post is a joke post. This idea was from Jeph Jacques at Questionable Content. I don't know him, but he's pretty inspirational. I particularly love his twitter rampages when people bitch at him tweeting too much. It's much hilarious.
WHAT? Two in one day? THIS IS MADNESS!

Got this idea while in H. Occulus. The dragon at the end just TALKS AND TALKS AND TALKS way after he's fallen from the sky and is dead.

Comments always appreciated.
Little holiday card for me friends. AoD is Ami of Darkness, the graphic novel I'm working on and the reason no little comics have been getting posted here :( I have to figure out what to do with this soon.
Idea of a friend, Rob, turned comic.
Quick mini comic!
Yea I usually draw myself with straight hair. Truth be told, when I don't dry it, it goes WAVYYY MESSS!!!
Comic not actually a comic this week. Sorry just one panel.
This totally isn't based off anything at all.. YEA.
Wow I just realized I now have THREE comics involving bird abuse.
*edit: fixed it
I've been meaning to get to this for a while now when I was still doing XBLA related comix. I was reminded it hadn't happened yet. WELL, that's fixed now.

**Comic doesn't actually contain zombies.. well sort of.. Just go play it.
This is what this crack does to you!

That's right, I'm wearing my smudgeguard!!
And now for something completely different. Recycling is important.
Tree story line will be over soon, I promise. The heatwave is overrr!!!
Looks like comic will be Thursdays or Fridays now.
Late, but up, Hooray!
More like last minute coloring job :P You can't tell but I made it with my new tablet display!
I'm taking Shell's Angels in a new direction. The themes will be very familiar, but the characters will be original.
Continuation of the adventurer on her quest for.. a quest.