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Izniz in the biz
Hiya!I'm Izzy and I'm in the comic biz. (Not professionally...Yet.) I love to draw, sleep, eat, bathe, and play my saxophone.I'm not a big fan of BL but it's ok if I get bored enough....My favorite manga-ka is Tite Kubo (The actual Manga, the anime wangs chung.) and my favorite author is Clive Barker with A. Lee Martinez in a close second.What else, hmm....Oh yeah!I'm currently looking for an interesting collab to join so PM me if you have a good one.
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A cat watches
I love this song! I can now totally relate to the line about being scammed.
You know, if you think about it, i'm fairly sure that everyone in this comic would be old enough to drink if we're talking about the time period that was mildly implied in the movie. But hey, i'm digging the brothers and your art style, so continue.
Not irony.
The anatomy on um, whatshisname is off.His body is really blocky. Also, I really love this story your paneling and art is eye-catching.
Maybe you could look for a translater on the forum?
That's freaking epic!
Nny is like. "Woo hoo!Frooty Pop!" and Meat just ruined it.
His full title brings to mind Okage the Shadow King
I see a We are Scientists album cover.
Clover looks really young in that firs panel.
I wish I could color this smoothly, what brushes do you use in PS?Do you make your own?
More! :o
I sense Rumiko Takahashi is your main influence.From the looks of it, her mangas. :3
His head is too small for his body..
And like the federalists, the conservatives died due to incompetence.
Ah ha!He got busted.

Also, i've started palying the Phoenix Wright series, i'm on the second.
XD this comic just keeps getting better and better.
This awesome page is marred by the giant head on tiny body syndrome...
That outfit clover's wearing is nine kinds of girly, and he wonders why he attracts semes...