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I like anime and manga and have decided to try and make a webcomic!
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yay I see you finally updated! :D I can't wait for more!
heh jadite in high school. I wonder how he's gonna get closer to Rei. Something tells me she tends to go for more older and mature men.
you could do sketches of the peoples if they were in SAILOR MOON
mamoru only is lucky if all the fanfictions making the senshi out to be lesbians (not just uranus and neptune) are WRONG
hahahah XD he always does seem to be wearing black turtlenecks and green blazers.
hey I'll be watching this! The art looks good and I'm a sucker for anything sailor moon
little tidbits
If you clean up your lines in photoshop (taking the pencil out) why not find yourself a colored mecanical pencil and sketch with that then in photoshop just click the color and change color to> pick white and most of your sketch lines are gone. Just make sure when you ink it's a different color of course then your sketch and it'll save you a LOT of time with clean up. It's a little trick I found back in college.
Niki: Where ever you wish for me to sleep, I shall.

wow I like this comic. Can't wait to read more!