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One sunny day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys woke up to fight.
Back to back they faced eachother,
They took out their swords and shot one another.
The deaf policeman heard the noise,
He came and shot the two dead boys.
If you don't believe this lie is true,
Then go ask the blind man; he saw it too.
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I'd still glomp him. QAQ
Heck, why don't all the greek gods look more asian?!?! DX *machine-gunned*
October 22nd, 2008
Despite everyone's opinion that Arax is creepy (and I do vaguely agree with them), but I still think he's adorable. =3
October 13th, 2008
Technically, in lion prides, the lionesses do all the hunting. So she wouldn't exactly have been cowering helplessly in a corner. D< (<---the feminist in me really doesn't like Tenor right now. =/ )
I like the queen in all her big-boobed chibiness. XD
August 28th, 2008
I love that play. Even if I never did finish reading it. It's hilarious. XD
Your art (especially that toning) is GORGEOUS! Please give me your talent/ability/watchamacallit. QAQ

And I want a best friend at first sight too. (Lolz, I'm on a self-pity binge)
I know a Lan. =D She's awesomeness. Draws cuteseyly-ish too.

Color is love.
July 25th, 2008
Lol. Aria's my kind of girl. XD
It's as though he's just using her and she's too naive to realize it. QAQ He totally doesn't deserve her! D<
Doesn't matter. I'd glomp that either way. >3 Too cute....even with the sharp pointy teeth. XD
I was never able to watch digimon. QAQ Something about not being able to wake up early enough.....>.>
Have fun at Anime Expo!

(D-Does this mean my l33t is so terrible that no one can understand? TAT...Well, I was using the wikipedia translation so...XP)
This page speaks to me. <3 XD
Don't corrupt the innocent! QAQ
542j>4<71 15 |*vv/v50/^^\3/V355!
0_0 I sense deep, psychological reasoning in the near future of this comic. @3@ (do I sound smart? =D )

But omg! I got my own mention in the artist's comments! I do believe...I'm tearing up...QAQ

Do you know that there are no l33t to english automatic translators? I looked it up. Right before I was forced to resort to a manual l33t dictionary. XP
And also yes, I think I made up a word. Just to make reading it more difficult. >3 lulzies
Your artwork is beautiful. I thought you should hear that from an outside source. =3
She's so cu~ute! And his hair is pownsomeness! (<---inventing new words to describe =D)
XDDDD He speaks L33t (sry, I wanted to be clever but I dunno leet speak. QAQ). He manages to sound both amazingly impressive and incredibly dorky at the same time (Ubermicro?). XD

I <3 U 2. =P
To prove what a hardcore/obsessive fan I am, I have just promised myself that I will comment on every page you put up from here on out! >D
(beat that E.Redemption!<----totally aiming for #1 fan spot....or was that already taken? 0_o)
You know how Zeus tricked Hades into becoming ruler of the underworld? I could totally imagine him saying that. *head grows big* =P I know stuff!
Pretty guy. Gorgeous hair. I lo~ove the hair. Totally faving for his hair. =3