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@Guesty: Pretty sure Tommy said f-cking piece of shit
Porn.. From my fave artist.... Of a paring I ship SO hard. Just literally went HNGGGGGGGG out loud. Received some questioning looks. Was definitely worth it. <3 xDDDD It looks so wonderful, Shishiiiiiii ;'3
AAAAAAAHHHHHH CONGRATS! Yay, love! :3 And pictures would be awesome~
Oh my gooooood. Your chicks are the cutest things I've ever seen! @_@ Also, yay updates~
Congrats on the move and stuff~! Also, retty page is pretty. 8D
Hooray for updates~ 8D & I'm glad my fave artist is not forcing herself. <3 <3 <3 And, aaargh, Abel. YOU READ THOSE KIDDY BOOKS. READ THEM HARD
Who cares if its sex? It f_cking BEAUTIFUL. You have improved so much. I fricken' love your art and comic. Makes my day every time you update, Angel. <3 So, if they don't like it, they can kindly suck it.
I agree with the others. They were completely insensitive and did not follow guidelines at all. It changes from city to city, and due to certain condition, but regardless of those they are supposed to keep them for three days at minimum. I say sue, if you're up to it, that is. That way, you'll at least be helping out other owners that may lose their dogs in the future. I mean, shoot. If they were going to kill him, they might have well just left him where he was. Cold bastards.
lmfao. Yesssss. All of my yes.
Who cares if he's put on weight? He looks even better with a little more jiggle anyway. ;D
Happy berfday~ Also, go Val, go!
Sorta off topic but.. I love your style SO much! <3
YUSSSSS. You better want to see Ashley~ This makes me happy. >///<
Yaaaaaaaaay~ I knew it'd work out perfectly! :3
SHE IS SO CREEPY! Dat Breath! xD lol. Its spring break here too~ Feelin' special haha
Oh noes!! I hope it she isn't talking about Daniel! :'( Also, First~ Yay. :3
For some reason I think she's gonna help her with Daniel. Dk why. Just do~ <3 Lulz.
Oh noes!!!! Also, I hope you're in fact having fun in Phoenix & not dead. :x
I don't like Kaito at all right about now. >_< Starting to think Shuno deserves better..