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Everything is the letter green

If you want to ask me something pm me
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Look it at this hecker
This is clearly part of that tournament arc i never finished
Like i had A Wip for this comic sitting in my folders for months, then when i came back to it, i forgot where i was going with it, this did not stop me
She saw his fish
>Break Restraints
>Mentioned you do not remember being this swole, ask about swole ness
>Someone invades your dream using whatever the people from inception did, and hands gives you a gun, A DREAM GUN
>Nap as hard as you can
As a result of this i ship it
>Tell her she cute
>Flirt with both people whom entered
Flying is quite a feet
Sliced bread is pretty good i think, fits right into your toaster
It sonic
Some people are a bit sheepish about this competitor
Its true but she shouldn't say it
Raising moon Awareness, Did you know, We have a moon?

Consult your astronomer before use
Last patch already nerfed niv,this is totally fair, gawd these noobs not knowing how to play making the devs try an change an already balanced gaim
Maximum Két
I'm not sure what joke i was going for, I'm at a loss honestly