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Flying is quite a feet
Sliced bread is pretty good i think, fits right into your toaster
It sonic
Some people are a bit sheepish about this competitor
Its true but she shouldn't say it
Raising moon Awareness, Did you know, We have a moon?

Consult your astronomer before use
Last patch already nerfed niv,this is totally fair, gawd these noobs not knowing how to play making the devs try an change an already balanced gaim
Maximum Két
I'm not sure what joke i was going for, I'm at a loss honestly
Teach it the economic reasons for the destabilization of collapsing universes
Lou won the bet but paid ten times as much in damages
The punchline is alot to face
Niv already had a walking sprite half way through me making this, but that didn't stop me
We did us a panelly mix with them peoples in order of this
1: Gate
4: Met
Maybe the REAL villain was the friends we made along the way
Comic!Két and Rp!Két Dance off!
A mystery has occur!
December 13th, 2016
Plot twist, it neither the story or Két, its puppies, its always puppies
In comic!kéts position i'd probably like to comic to continue since my entire existence would hinge on it

Rp!Két not being in this position has no stakes in whether it continues or not cause she can just escape to the rp or some other medium
and thats how make Spaghetti