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I am the creator... atlest in my mind I am.
Hi, I'm Cody. Aka Starster. For some time I've been spriting now and I love to draw, however I suck at making pixel art so I can't draw on computer. I normaly do comedy because I love to make others laugh but I am also a bit of a motor mouth. I suck at spelling, I'll say that much, but I put alot of work in alot of my, well, work. I practice almost everyday so I can get better but when I create new work... I sometimes... talk to them? Slightly insaine, maybe, but if it helps my work I don't mind.
Anywho, hope to see you around random person who reads this.
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I'm not toutching this again. It was a pain in the ass just getting this. Still, the request is out of the way and maybe I can sprite something better in time.
Started at 8:00 today. Finished at 10:00.
Hi guys I'm backish. I didn't have a lot of work to do today so I sat down and sprited a request and dear god did it suck making this. Still, here it is. I didn't want to make all the effects because it was a bitch just making this. I think the spirally had thing is the worst part of the sprite... and maybe the feet.

This is not my character. Injoy the original drawing from the original creators. -17-departure-page-292/
@Kirbysmith: It's just another character idea man. It doesn't matter what logic says, I could make him look like a fluffy bunny and call him Steve and everything would still make sence in some wierd way... i think...

@Setzur: A minion? I don't think Sin would like being an underling. His greed for power would over take him and he'd probably rebel against you.

@mzpblue: I havn't made any set plans for Sin yet.
Got his sheet done. Kinda just did this cuz I wanted it finished.
Josh. Do you think I could hurt Sparky? Just a little bit? You know I don't like being called a wimp and made to look like a pussy. You and I know I'm more powerfull than Sparky is making me out. It irritates me that she is doing this.
edit: Fixed my typo. I think my hand just put an a in there for no reason. it does that sometimes.

And as for racist, meh. It's your thoughts, I can't control them.
I love plot twists. They just seem to come out of the blue at times, ya know?
I did tell you that Malin didn't like demons.
Sorry for not updating all that much and then throwing myself in like this. This was the only comic that I found good to show how Malin use to think since this is the past and all. He still hates demons but this is when he was just kill all demons and before you save anyone, make sure they wont kill you first.
Yeah Met, I know. But the movie said about they were to young to understand or something... eh, forget it. After the argument before this I figured I'd change that trait to something else later anyways.
technically he's an imbodyment of sin. Demon looking never the less though. And yeah, the evil demon thing isn't very common to me anymore. I've seen alot of good demons for it to be a coincidence. Besides, he isn't bad. He's just Sin. Pure Sin.
I basicly ment that children can't see him. Children are innocent and they don't know better. So basicly, if you're a child, you can't see him. (Got that off of some move I saw and truly forgot how to word it for most to understand)
.......... I didn't expect bible quotes and depressing comments. I feel bad for making Sin now, but at the same time I love that I did....... My soul is hurting now.... or maybe that' just heartburn.
Why odd? He kills and rapes just like the rest.
Wow.... uh... Not sure about all that detail I'd have to put in but... It does look like a challange....
Short sweet and to the point. Not evey demon has to be colored black or blood red. Sin is pure. Pure Sin. He is ment to commit all sins in life and doesn't care what happens to everyone else around him. You can only see Sin if you have committed a sin yourself. No matter how small.

Sin, he's the devils favorite toy of destruction.
@ Chaos: I really don't care.

@ Blitz: ... meh. Maybe. I do have one one more sprite I want to finish that came to me just moments ago and you didn't really leave any feed back on the current sprite...
Malin's higher ups have to have more than just one operative right? Here is Shogun, the tonfa fighter. Shogun wasn't born blind but he has given up his own sight to highten his other sences like Malin. Most of the blind fighters has done the same thing.

Should I make this character? Oh and I'm kinda running out of ideas for some reason so I'll do a few requests until I've gain inspiration again. And no, I WONT do a from scratch with no description kind of character anymore. Give me something to work off of people.
Well, do you think they'll fight or not? What do you expect to happen?

New Sprite sheet here: