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I'm very athletic. I have many friends. My and my two brothers like to make comics by hand and CPU. I like to make people laugh and my favorite element is FIRE.
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rare candy
@Ralord: dont worry, your page is good too
my first comic in a year and i get bumped :C
hey guys! remember me? y'know, ultimate's brother and he partner in spriting and comicing.
neither do i. this is a rare occasion to which i actually make a comic for as you hav noticed from my absence, is not rly my thing anymore.

however, from time to time i am tempted and persuaded into making something for you suckers. when i saw my character in action i just had to do this.

special thanks to my big bro, ult for sticking by me whenever i needed help with effects.
and... thats all folks. see ya later.
lets go steel metal bend his hawkeye ass
may the awesome-ness commence!
does this mean that dragon thing gets like a billion exp by killing all the pokemon and does that mean he gets to jump an evolution and go straight to a charizard rather than a charmeleon
whos that pokemon
its butterfree
ha lazy bint whos happy sittin on her arse
we will we will sock you rock you pick you up and drop you
when will this update?
this was a funny page.
so that dude with the mask is the pokemon league
im just asuming because of the mask picture on the victory road sighn
plus you can hardly tell its jpeg'd
and destructo enters.

its been a while since i've made a comic.
i think i still got my awesome skills!
can you see it now?
November 28th, 2010
hey i gotz a villain.