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Finally! A new page! :DD
OMG!! *__* *dies*

So much win!! The swan dive and Payton's posture are AWESOME! xD And then Sanders being all cute and nice for a change! ASDFGGHJKL!! x3
I keep imagining Jock looking up at him with puppy-dog eyes and going:"R-Really?" x33
Whoo, so I was right about Sanders being alone too! :D Poor Jock, he's too busy wallowing in self pity to notice it.

WHY U SO MEAN, Sanders?! xP
I can't decide whether I find Sanders' comment cute or mean. xDD Btw, Sanders where's YOUR date, huh?
And the guy in the background cracks me up! Nice dance moves! xDD
Whoo, Payton just got even more badass! :D :D And poor Jock, I feel for him. ;__; I wonder where Sanders is...
First of all, I don't think it's crappy at all. :)

And secondly, Payton FTW!! :D :D <3
Don't worry, the rejoicing isn't ruined (well, maybe a little), because this page is hilarious! xP Oh, Jock. x3
What happens next:

Jock:"Do you... wanna go to, um.. prom with me?"

And everyone rejoiced! ;__; (<-- tears of happiness)


In my headcanon at least. xP Anyways, I'm excited to see what happens next! x3
Jinx said it best. I think that's why Ash is upset. =/ While I agree with Aiden to some extent (alcohol does make many people all happy/giggly), it would've been better to say that it only applies to some people. It depends on the person. But Aiden is Aiden, so what he said is totally him. xD
So he blew off another potential prom date?! Jock, that's three now. Tsk, tsk. You're TRYING to lose this, aren't you?

That being said, I'm excited to see what he's gonna do now. He's obviously heading over to Sanders.
You just blew off two hot dates! What is wrong with you, Jock?! D:
I mean, I know Sanders is on your mind, but still. You gotta pull yourself together if you wanna beat him.
Hahaha, Sanders the Creeper. xDD
Nuuuu, poor Payton! B-but she worked so hard on the fake scary highschooler. ;__; I feel for her.

Also, I'm sure what you have planned will be awesome either way. :D
Poor Payton. No one pays attention to her. *gives her a hug*

Also, I wanna see Jock get a super hot date and Sanders not even being able to get one (because that popular skinny chick he had a fight with told everyone not to say "yes" to him or something like that). And then Jock's gonna be like "BAM! In your face, Sanders!" As much as I love Sanders, he needs to get a reality check sometimes. ;)
Oh, man, this is gonna be awesome. xD Can't wait to see their dates. Prom drama! :D
Haha, they're both jealous lying bastards. They should just be honest with each other and become an item already. We all know they're into each other. ;P
Sandres, you liar!
You should just tell Jock the truth about how the girls was interested in him (in Jock, that is) and that YOU were the one who got jealous (because you obviously want him for yourself), so you slapped her and she beat you up for that. :D
Just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of this comic. :) Even though I almost never comment, I've been reading since the beginning.
Of course, things like that happen (all too often, too).
Aparently, Liam doesn't seem to mind. If a guy did that to me, I know I wouldn't be able to forgive him (even if doesn't involve love, if it's just sex, because cheating is cheating no matter what, IMO).
But I guess this just goes to show how strong Liam is.
I don't comment much, but I wanted you to know that I'm enjoying this comic. :)