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it's kinda annoying how he keeps repeating that ONE sentence all the time. I think that ONCE is enough.
why did you erase my comment?

also, Ceasare didn't have a beard. And Leonardo did. in fact, he's quite famous for his beard.

you've never seen a good-looking beard in your life, have you? My dad sports a beard. It's super cool. Looks totally badass.
So he basically managed to call an attack without even realising it?
Yeah, I wonder how he's going to figure out ember.
that armour was a nightmare. I had no problem with sholder, arm and heel protectors, but the chest armour was way too bulky and weird and ugly and uncool. Also, I enjoyed changing robe collours everytime I got into a new city... when I finally fell in love with the venezian vine with dark-blue stripes, the armour obscured the view of the stripes.
At least I found Altair's Armour not long after I accidentally equipped the chest plate. That one's pretty cool, you can't change colours anymore though.
April 27th, 2010
what an exceptional character design!

it's rare to see someone as tallented as you are these days...
yay, you were quick about this one :)
I think it should get published somewhere as a whole :D would be a definite buy :P
I find your excuse quite reasonable since it's the one that made me cancel my comic.

anyway, I'd love to see more of it. maybe if you managed to pull an entire chapter at a time? you see, claymore for instance is coming out once a month and it's a regular manga... I'm sure that if you could take your time and finish a chapter before posting it, it would be much easier to follow.

I love your work though, it's nice to see someone as tallented and with such a great sense of humor here on SJ. Keep up the great work.
I'll sum this up: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
further proving my theory that altair equals chuck norris-level awesome.
shit... I hate Venice ever since I've been there...