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Go Devil Daisuke

Kotori K is my best friend.
I like zombies and stuff.
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    Daisuke Adachi
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XD And T&B's if you don't like it you can quit.
I think pirate girl is really cute~
I love the bottom panels! X3
I have to say this is one of my favorite comics on SJ to date. Your work is gorgeous! o w o I Like this illustration a lot too, it reminds me of one of the chapter pictures from the manga GOTH(which is a good thing).

Anyway, please keep up the amazing work! > w <
I love your style! So cute~
That truck is my new favorite character~
XD jk.
You're not gonna die, you're already dead. XD

I love this page~
Ahahaha, so cute at failing.
What's gonna happen?!?!! =D
I Love your style! I love your zombies too! &#9829; Keep up the good work!
I'll help you eat it all.XD
I love candycorn.
I've been really enjoying these music video pages.

Awesome work!

That's a new one. XD
It looks really nice. I like the blue-ness of it.
Keep up the good work!
LOL! Nice work D.
Eh. Me too man.
Stealer. XD
"We're not emo, we're alternative!"
I lol'd.

Great job!
I love this. XD