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I love to write, star gaze, and use my imagination! I am writing several fan fictions (mainly about pokemon). I like pokemon, chess, and old comic books. My zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Some of my hobbies include writing, you tubing (I am an animator) and going to quiz team tournaments (I am a nerd.)
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Fluffy is back (I love stating the obvious XD)
This made my day 100% better
Earliest I have ever been... Great comic!
Was not expecting that. I like that way of answering questions though.
Wait, didn’t he like gardening as an eevee? (Gasp) I HAVE PREDICTIONS! (That are probably wrong)
EEEEE!!!! (Please Excuse my fan girling... can’t wait to read this chapter!!!)
Awww... They are cute together
@YOU BETTER AWNSER: Calm down. What ever the Author decides to do is her choice, not yours.
What happened to Koala’s eye? (Just curious)
I am currently flabbergasted
Gonna feel that in the morning.
True business ethic.
Well, someone is in trouble.
@Lock: I have no clue