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I LIKE chestnut-brown(and not maroon XD)...

my idol is MARIE-ANTOINETTE(de France lol)
"archiduchesse d'Autriche"and"Reine de France" please!
but i betray her with Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna v__v!
in reality it's the revolutionary romantism that i keen on.
generally,i fond of History and no wait!!
thank you nozmo :)
Nozmo, you just kill me with cuteness aaaah~~
I should be worry for pétunia but I was mesmerized by Mr.conductor :o! he's really hot in this outfit <3
thank you for this chapter :)
ooooh my god!at first I thought they shot him Oo! what twists and turns of the plot!!the colors are so georgeous! really <3
the butler was too handsome to be honest XD!
I'm sad to know that is the last but one page :'(!!
YES he's too suspicious :0
yes I was sleeping XD
lol I woke up 5 minutes ago and I switched my computer on just to read your page XD!
the design of the café is awesome so are the customers <3!
I thought Todd was just a pianist in this café!
btw I forgot to tell in the last page the first panel that Todd's face is so damned adorable(he's cute when he's not frowning XD)
ps:oh are going to put this french menu?:3
finally here !! <3
wooo the colors are really gorgeous <3!
I wonder why is she over-reacting XD!
maybe she thought he's from the mafia XD
aaah I want to see her!
the light gives a great atmosphere <3
I think i've started to appreciate mr. Clancey!
thank you for the cast's page <3!they all look so cool and now I want to marry mr.conductor or Meredith...
oh please!embrase her!it's not going to kill you Liam!
so I was wrong XD
the two last panels are cool <3
I'm more sad than mad...
that's life, but that doesn't mean his love isn't strong...
oh god ed has became really reallyyy hot <3
the worst are girls?
(I know you're not going to tell us XD)
Rousseau's face is magic XD!(yeah that means nothing...)
a lot of philosophers
it looks like a meeting of freemasons :o
he's her brother!! or maybe not...
aaah i want to know ;_;
they are so soo hot!
thank you for updating >w<
you're mean XD!
shiratori is so viril!
oh I'm gonna miss them :,)
thank you for updating <3!