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Ultimate the Hedgehog
I like to draw comics in my sketch book and i'm still working on my CPU drawings. I'm also a pretty good writer. I guess you can say I'm pretty bossy and never satisfied but i'm still understanding and caring. My fav Sonic character is Shadow (with Sonic & Tails following). I LOVE video games, movies, action, comedy, cartoons, burgers, and comics.

I know the following people here on SJ:



-Captian John:

I've made plenty of other friends, too.

My current comics i'll be working on:
1st: haunted house (rebooted, running)
2nd: chaos and control (on hold)
3rd: Trinity (on hold)
4th: animals vs. humans
5th: Chivalry
6th: Hope, Fear and Revenge
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I mean- I've called it for a long time but... it's pretty obvious Gabe is the Fair's son.
I mean- he's in Mokepon wearing the same flipping mask.
Either she doesn't believe him or she'll point out that's still his own fault.
... I wonder what Kahn is up to...
I feel the sad.
But it's high and time for Atticus to further his character development.
i've rly fallen behind
The worst part is that it's normally my family that does that shit.
Constantly judging and never just leaving me be. Most of my friends are pretty respectful, even the ones that aren't artists. But it's my family that always wants to watch. Always wants to interrupt. Always needs to say that they prefer more "realistic" styles or whatever. Making me feel uncomfortable for just drawing characters as a couple.
Ugh, it's the worst. And 'cuz they're my family, I can't ever escape them.
I seriously lose a lot of motivation to draw or do anything creative when I'm in their house.
Holy crap this is amazing!
I unironically like Sonic's Adventure lines.
All caught up.
I'm totally into this.
People who can't believe this obviously think too highly of themselves. Sorry, most normal people aren't hidden badasses.
Ooooh shit.

That whole Selly dream sequence had me quite disturbed. I always was offput by the... undertones of Author's relationship with "Selly", and finding out on TV tropes that Selly wasn't real, but... just that dream sequence... wow. Holy shit.
Hm... this is real sweet and all, I just wish I cared more about these character.

Now I want there to be a comic about them.
This comic makes me laugh more than it should.
Didn't see that coming.
Neat ending.

I'll miss this comic but you're right. It DID have a slow start and it's lack of frequent updating did not help it one bit. Kinda made it hard to grasp a sense of direction in it if there even was meant to be one.

That said, I always loved the facial expressions and (most importantly) the banter between the characters over time. I don't see sprite comics really focus on banter that much anymore, and it's one of my favorite forms of humor. With everything, I could tell you were making a good effort.
Hope to see your work again, Ze-- er, Ren.
Y'know what. Since I also aspire to even be half as good a creator as you guys, I will stop being so cheap and donate to your patron!
It's... not much. I may have two jobs now but school fees and rent really kick my ass but any small step to getting you to update more.
Honestly, I was dreading the idea of him being caught. I mean I know actions have consequences, and that it would've been shoddy writing if he got off scott free. Which is why I really didn't want him to do it.

But now him just... coming out with it. Owning up to what he did and being honest. I feel slightly more at ease. Like the world isn't crashing down around him.
Which is normally how it works in real life. You tell a lie and let it build and think everything will crash down when you own up to it but it doesn't.