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I'm an art loving swede who hopes to one day become an architect. Ever since I started reading dragon ball, manga and Japan have been my passion. Hopefully my times reading tons of manga pays off as I begin my journey to finish drawing Kichou Na Daichi; My current romance manga. If you got any more questions, I'd love to chat with ya; Don't be shy. So long for now! :3
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Oh my
Who could this person in front of Daichi be...?
Christmas and Avatar
Christmas is here and finally I have the time to draw. Let's start another great chapter aye? By the way, I just came home from the movie avatar and I'm stunned. God, surely an animator or any kind of artist would think this is an outstanding movie. I truly recommend it.

PS. Kichou Na Daichi's updates can now be followed on twitter! Go back to "home" and click on the twitter logo to enter.
I'm back!
I apologize for not updating in a while. I've been having a hard time with school and yes, I still do. Let's hope I am able to update some of the pages on the new coming chapter 3 before christmas!
Thanks for 100+ fans!
It seems like KND is about to reach over 100 fans now so I thought I should thank you all for the support by drawing a filler wallpaper.

Enjoy some ecchiness! :3
End of chapter two
And so chapter two as well as Daichi's flashback ends!

For those that didn't notice another fan art from Mitzi came in. Fan art is like Christmas all over again for me so if you like to draw any just send it to my mail:
and I will gladly post it in the fan art section.

It also seems like KND is getting close to 100 fans! To celebrate that I'm thinking about doing a little wallpaper, we'll see!
haha, so cute!
I love Nalika crying a river xD
Small update
Not much of a page but it's needed after that big climax hehe.

Oh, I've seen some posts that think Daichi was going to die. Wait, Daichi is alive in chapter one right? It seems some people haven't read manga that much so I added a small alt text about it. The thing is that when the area outside the panels is black, it means that its a flashback. So yeah, this is a flashback too and Daichi as you can see survived.

The last page of this chapter is going to have a lot of details (I think) so will take longer to draw that one but please be patient! :3

Kiiroi: Phew you made me worried that people didn't understand that! Thanks <3
Phew, I got my spirit up after that spotlight so I started right away with the new page. Took me only one day, to my suprise to finish it. Drawing that cliff was kinda lame but it was worth it so here you go. Only two pages to go and chapter two is done!

Sajomir: Mostly the backgrounds is drawn from my head. Sometimes though I want this manga to have a real Japanese environment. Since I don't live in Japan I search for pictures of certain areas such as the train station and the city. And no, they are not converted from photos. I draw and tone them with the photos at my side. In fact the only tone that is used as a background at the moment is the water you've seen lately.
Oh god :3 I can't believe KND got spotlighted, thank you! I'm all fired up now! Only three more pages to go of chapter two and climax is near. Please Look Forward to it!
Sorry for not uploading in a while. Been busy with final exam and still is. I can't wait for summer to come along :3
New tablet and touch up
I apologies for the hiatus. I've decided that to make it easier for you readers, KND does now has English sfx instead of Japanese. I also took the chance to retouch a lot of pages. The beginning of chapter one has also been redrawn. Hope you like it!

Oh, and I don't mind any support to KND in the spotlight suggestion thread.

Thanks once again Sketch1 :3
KND 1 year
What a better gift than a update is there? :3
First page done now on my holiday. For those who have not noticed it yet, KND is actually about to become 1 year old. I started the manga the 19th June for one year ago. Thought it would be some interesting information :3
I'm starting to feel the pace! Hopefully you will enjoy the outcome of it as much as I will.
May 20th, 2009
lol "serious" xD
April 11th, 2009
eye orgasm o.O
April 6th, 2009
omagad **nosebleed** at yakuza <3
stunned o.O
aw gawd! I've read all of ur pages right nao and Im stunned! Great story <3
Fav+ ^^
Såg precis att du var svensk! Trevligt att de finns mer svenskar med samma intressen som jag. Otroligt vacker toning btw :)
New girl
And so another girl has made her appearance. Amano Yoriko aka ero-kawaii ^^