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I'm a nerdy lesbian who reads webcomics because she has too much time on her hands and they're awesome. What more needs to be said?
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Milk and cookies for breakfast? He'll just go right back to sleep! XD
August 17th, 2011
Uh-oh! Are they burying him alive, then?
Hand raising here!
Yeah, take that Mr. Killer Doctor! It's not nice to kill you friends' brothers!
August 15th, 2011
He looks a little more sad than smiley. I think it's because the eyes are down? But hey, it's still way better than I could do! XD
Sober makeouts later, then? ^_^
Wow, Kae... Just wow.
Hair=hay. This has happened to me, too.
Oh Draco, you are SO asking for it!
Less so from this angle.
Dude is scary. Way scary.
Oh, Alain! Killing a dude's brother, then getting him to stay with you... You sly bastard! <3
He looks vaguely amused for someone who's supposedly about to die. That takes some balls!
This is by far the cutest thing ever! I love your style and the characters! And his shoulder! Yeah, I really like his shoulder. XD
So pretty!!! I love it already!
GAAAAH!!! So much cute!!! And such pretty art!!! I love it! <3333
Looking forward to seeing what happens next! I just got caught up on the comic since I've been away from SJ for a while and OMG I'm psyched to see how they resolve this! Also, is it just me or has Manny put on a little weight? She seems chubbier than before and I think it looks very good on her. ^_^
I'd buy it for sure! <33
Ooh, this is gonna be interesting. And possibly really bad for Manny.
I'm so sad that there are only 6 pages left. And I know that 3 years is a long time to go without sex, but I'm still mad at Ed for cheating on Liam. I guess it's irrational, but it still... T_T