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I hate: the sun (or any light for that matter), bright things, healthy food (I'm always healthy all the time anyway...), sleeping...
A.K.A. -- A sadistic killer if you piss me off.

I like: Yaoi, chips (Sour Cream and Onion! <3), shiny things (excluding jewelry...), and books.
A.K.A. -- A deaf idiot who blushes at physical contact.
So you do have a death wish... *rips your head off*

Other than that... The comic is wonderful so far!


Proceeding to rip off your head in 3...2... Any last words? (Or page? >.>;;)
;w; Make an epilougue when this is over? It'll be cool! ... And cute... >.>;;
I luvs Cerberus' saying in the third panel- 'But we are so bored...' XD
Haha! I would fangirl about him too! XD;;
... I see Reborn but I don't see Gokudera... TT^TT
I agree with knull... After betchslapping him, I would hit him in the face!
XD Monday look so innoect(sp?) in this page XD <3
I've read your comic pages recently and I love it! Update soon! ^^
Aww... I can tell that this will go well... ^^
... I like how the King is nice to... I forgot his name... Eh, the Prince. *nods* I want to see more! After your vacation that is... XD;;

EDIT: It's Bo! *finally got it*
Love the last panel! Just wondering... What program do you use to color your pages?
... It's the hair.
... I'm such an idiot... Thank you, kirbyverest, very much for explaining it to me! Lucid... Guess I should read all comments from now on... XD;;
Oh shyte... Heldrad... Post something bad next time and I'll kill you!
... What's "Free-Range"?
Aww! Keep going! I wanna see what will happen!
I hope you got over your artblock soon! ^^ I like this comic already, it looks like it is drawn by a professional!
Love it!
I love the last panel! His face is priceless! (And cute...)
Wow... I hope Richard gets past her.

(Mah first comment)