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I am Cyber Meth no.1 FAN!
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Nice art
Very nice artwork gal.
This one is great. Nice train seat patterns - you got Scot Rail spot on!
This comic is astounding. Professional work.
This is my favorite now. I prefer this type of humour to some of the others but all are truly excellent! Art work, the effort and work all put in astounds me chelsea. Well done x likes your idea gary x
~.^ "sock it to him sock it to him sock it to him"
Death!! wow I love your interpetation of him. Eeerie..
I love the little stick blunt :)
Chocolate fingers!! he he likes this one
I want to eat it. Gary, can I eat it?
Gary you are so amused with the sinmple thigns in life - and I love you for that. x
Yay! Thank you Nikki!
Nice....sounds like something I would say
Yay! Electric meloney person adressed us! How happy that does make me.