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To busy hitchhiking to write a decent profile.
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@Vilecheese: I still think it counts as a violation to switch places during the challenge, but I guess only time will tell.
@Congo: I think they are probably disqualified from the challenge, which means Desmond would win final immunity, which would make me laugh very hard because he kinda deserves to win, he played the best game
Um slight problem... If its discovered that they switched places they may in fact be eliminated from the challenge and thus Desmond makes it to final 2
Wait if his birthday is tomorrow... and tomorrow is today then....
Lola is winning this thing
February 1st, 2014
Nintendo... Apprently
Is that Fred Jones
Don't get too excited this is just a filler page to announce that Stick Wars
just not yet
I have a lot of work over the next few weeks but after that i should be open to work on this comic
Thats right I'm bringing the Sticks BACK
@SkySurfer: Actually she's probably the most oldschool looney tunes character we've seen. Bugs Bunny in the originally was a jackass and over all horrible person. In Looney Tunes you're either Mean or the Butt of a Joke... or often times both
dear god... one left
... Um I actually think five is from Arthur Guys
what what
not symboled shirts
The End
Changing life

so if this keeps up the next one would be the beginning of life? Maybe?
Making this the reverse Life trilogy?
Its funny
Mel and Macabre was about what it was to face death and how it is a natural part of an end
Gary the Alchemist is about embracing life to its fullest and seizing the day

I wonder if a pattern is forming
Is Power Rush going to complete the life Trilogy

Momento Mori (Mel and Mac)
Carpe Diem (Gary)
and Power Rush being about something else in life